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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
That's a lot of plasma, Iraqiel! I can just imagine letting 20 plasma shots fly against some poor fool who comes too close... (though I assume they would be a CCS and 2 Vet squads, not a PCS and 2 Infantry Squads, judging by how many special weapons you're bringing... eh, close enough, and BS4, besides)
It sure is - I was worried at first that bringing 12 plasmaguns (two in my scion command) to the table for 1000 - 2500 point games was going to be too unfair, but after two games my typical rolling sees me lose 50% of them to 'gets hot', throughout the game. This means they normally whittle down a squad of marines or bikers or whatever and then eat bolts and chainsword. This list has (currently) 6 flyers (planning for 9), which means boots on the ground are few and, being guard, not too difficult to displace and destroy.

Well, I've done my next entry this month and got photos for another - tearing through the backlog, thanks kindly to doing uni long distance.


And next up, Vengeance Batteries.


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