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I like what I am reading so far. I am a little disappointed about the loss of the anti-psyker stuff, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Long Fang's special split fire, and Terminators in drop pods.

Njal got a bit of a side shuffle. He is finally ML3, and gets to re-roll a failed psychic test and deny the witch each psychic phase, so that is pretty cool. Definitely brings him more in line with Tigur and Mephi. But, no more Chooser of the Slain or Tempest powers. Rune Priests can buy a Psychic Hood for 10 points and all have Adamantium Will.

Iron Priests get Thunder Hammers for free, which is silly since their servo-arm is already x2 Strength, but I guess you get to choose between Concussive or AP1 so I guess I can see it.

Basic CAD lets you have up to 6 HQs and requires 2 HQ just to play. Not all units get Outflank on a 4+ only Troops with an IC in their unit get that 4+, everyone else is a 6. But you also get to pick one unit in Reserves every turn after the first and they automatically come on the board, so that is kind of nice.

I don't know why people are so hard on Murderfang. Sure the name is stupid, and the unmeltable mega alien ice claws make me sad, but in combat he is a beast. Get a FW Dreadnought Drop Pod and drop him down, flame the enemy then disembark next round and tear it up. His fluff is stupid (with the exception of a Wulfin Dreadnought, which is an interesting concept) but his rules are stupid good.

Psychic powers are meh at best. JotWW is only good if you have a single model unit or a group of elites that you don't care who dies first. Focused witchfire with 1 casualty, and no vehicles or MC, is as was said before, mega nerf. Living Lightning has a Tesla effect, so that sounds fun to play with. The Wolf Spirits seemed to get better, one of them has Precision Shots on it, but I am still in the meh category. Go Biomancy and rip crap up.

All in all I think it is a step in the right direction and brought them back in line with other Codexes, and I am really looking forward to getting them into glorious combat. I am just disappointed at HOW they did that and am not thrilled with all of the changes.

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