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Originally Posted by Krymson86 View Post
Go towards the city they said, that's where all the action is they said, it'll be fun they said.

We're all gonna die!

So uhhh, since my trio of misfits seems likely to head towards the city, whats the policy on new PCs once these ones are killed off. Loyal World Eater+ Seeing Angron= Dead Loyalist World Eater(s)
Haha, yeah, I do not plan on setting you all up like bowling pins for a Primarch. A big part of this RP does focus on player freedom though, so it could potentially happen I suppose.

If there is no logical way for me to save your characters and they happen to die, then just like I have told anyone who is interested in joining the RP later on, the way it is set up makes it very easy for me to implement new characters as there is practically a limitless amount of survivors to choose from and places for them to appear throughout the city. So a new character could be introduced in the same manner.

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