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Boss hired a second shifter that overlaps with my/my supervisors shift by a few hours. We have been trying to train the guy, he claims he gets it, etc. But his work doesn't reflect that.

So today, (I work in a small department in a very large printing company), he was supposed to cut down a 2-up sell sheet, and a bunch of business cards, nothing someone with experience should have trouble with. He was having much trouble, my supervisor finally had enough and dismissed him from the task and began doing it himself. I minded my own business (I was resurfacing my cutting table, I work the large format press and sign making end of the department, solely), apparently some tension cropped up, and the guy walked out of the room.

So the end of my shift rolls around, and I start to head out, however as I'm leaving, I see the guy come back, get has hat and whatnot, with a pissed off look on his face.

Anyway, I say bye and head home. It's about 15 minutes after my supervisors shift ends, I'm at home and settled in by now. So my phone rings, it's my supervisor. He tells me that the dude had walked out of the room, went to our department's boss to complain. The boss took mercy on him and took him to the plating room to give him something else to do, and began training him on how to plate new printing jobs, ANOTHER thing the guy claimed he had experience with. So, in front of my boss (My supervisor's boss as well), he fails at making plates, and essentially gets fired on the spot.

He apparently blames my supervisor for taking him off the task of cutting down the business cards and stuff, and has been sending him threatening text messages, the cops are involved now, etc. My boss and supervisor had to ID the guy last I heard, and the police are headed over to talk to him now.

Sigh, and the dude has teardrop tattoos.
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