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Ok, so on Grimnar. Being a Lord of War means he'll not be that common a sight on the battlefield, but holy jesus his rules are immense. I'm wondering will he still be able to give his unit special rules every turn, because if so he'll be out and out one of the best characters in the game. Stormrider downgrades all penetrating hits to glancing hits, which means a minimum of 3 hits to bring it down, and if that is coupled with the alleged 4++ it has then it will be an absolutely awesome option, since it's bringing your combat focused monster that is Logan 12" every turn, so he has a potential 24" threat range. Immense.

Also apparently if you follow the SW standard formation then all standard units get outflank on a 4+. 40 grey hunters with re-rollable outflank will be a tricky one to deal with. I'm liking what i'm hearing so far

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