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"You preach to me like a son of Guilliman Sergeant Kyros," Marcus spoke, their gazes meeting. The distant sounds of battle could be heard, fighting was breaking out in the city as the sounds of engines could be heard streaking through the sky. Under the cover of all the ash and smog, the small group of three was unlikely to show up on any scans for the time being.

“Well then sergeant Kyros and legionnaire Gilgumann shall we venture on and sate our redemption?” Marcus said as he indicated in the direction of the battle. To Kyros though the mocking tone of his brother World Eater grated on him and was the last straw, finally the rage that was pent up and had to this point manifest itself in the prose of long winded sentiment, his own way of trying to understand what was happening, to justify it, as far fetched as his theories had been, he wanted an answer just as they all did. The true World Eater in him came out, there was a reason his helmet's vox grill had been marked with the jaws of the World Eaters after all.

The power axe leapt into Kyros' right hand as he stalked forward towards Marcus, his body language was clearly hostile, but he owed this fellow World Eater a simple courtesy. "I am a Sergeant just as you are Tharr!" The blood of Angron flowed in his veins, while his facial features could lead one at a passing glance to think him of the IIIrd Legion, his hot temper would confuse no one. "Insult me again at your peril Sergeant Marcus Tharr of the 10th Company" The blue and white power field washed over his power axe as it crackled with energy.

The battle could be heard more definitively in the distance now as whatever fighting there was picked up in intensity, but Kyros' attention was firmly on Marcus now, the tension was thick in the air when Kyros just as suddenly seemed to relax his posture, "You are right though, we should head to the city and see if there are any survivors left and perhaps we can exact some vengeance along the way." Kyros, though he agreed with Marcus, was not going to move first, he waited for the Tactical Squad Sergeant to lead them, in large part because he did not want to have his back to this Marcus Tharr at this moment.

Alaros was an Astartes he really couldn't get a read on, the legionaire of the Death Guard certainly lived up to the stoic and grim nature Kyros had heard of them thus far. The olive green clad legionaire stood in silence to this point, his thoughts unknowable to Kyros. The fact that he was a Death Guard irked him, especially given his statements on Mortation not being capable of being involved in the virus bombing. To Kyros it was an all or nothing proposition, it had to be. Angron would not have abandoned him in such a way were it not for the treason of all, it couldn't just be his Lord Angron and the World Eaters that had succumb to this madness...Could it? He pushed any such thought from his mind, and as much as he would rather not keep the company of the silent and brooding Alaros, it was better to have the heavy weapons specialists' plasma cannon on their side should the need arise. What madness if this, a Brother World Eater of the 10th and a Legionaire of the Death Guard are my only allies on this forsaken heap. "We should head towards the fighting, you wanted to reconoitre Sergeant Tharr, so lead the way," there was more than a hint of sarcasm and hostility to his tone as he gestured with his plasma pistol wielding hand for Marcus to take point.

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