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Marcus was astonished to find that not only did Sergeant Kyros follow him but that Legionnaire Gilgumann as well. The daunting death guard marine stood there unmoving as Sergeant Kyros began to prattle on of the Primarchs and the suddenness of this 'betrayal'. Marcus bode his time and thought how does Kyros know so much of what just occurred. Was he not just a mere sergeant like Marcus himself? Yet he knows even the specifics of the titan legions actions. The legio Mortis served no master save the Warmaster Horus and the Fabricator General of Mars. This only deepened Marcus suspicions and a cold rage slowly began to well up within him once more.

Marcus set aside his sorrow and anger walked towards sergeant Kyros while legionnaire Gilgumann sounded his approval.

“You preach to me like a son of Guilliman Sergeant Kyros,” Marcus stated. His gaze locked firmly on the assault marine.

“But your words have not fallen on deaf ears,” Marcus said, “ I will accompany you as a brother World Eater and a legionnaire of the Emperor.”

Marcus began to traverse a portion of the rubble peering out into the ash choked sky, the distant din of battle echoed through the city once more. The killing once more has begun. He felt his chain-axe hungering ever so slightly for battle, the deep throaty thrum of its' chains echoing in his mind. It calmed him if at least for this moment.

“Well then sergeant Kyros and legionnaire Gilgumann shall we venture on and sate our redemption?” Marcus said as he indicated in the direction of the battle.
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