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Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Love the spearmen, Love the breachers, love the alpha legion. Just awesome all round

Really looking forward to seeing a painted unit of the spears and breachers

Sad to see the scars will not be taking off, but you've completely won me over with the Alpha Legion test mini. The way you've done the armour works really well and it's the perfect tone.
The Alphas offer me a good counterpoint to the Night Lords, similar challenge skill wise but very different in aesthetics, and I do need to sharpen my skills when it comes to "clean" conversions. Right now the biggest issue is which vehicles to put into which army (artillery, flyers, support and so on).

Originally Posted by wolflordthor View Post
Excellent work as usual, your standard is really really high! Concerning the Knight, I would try something that refers to your Night Lords, cover him in skin or something like that, but slightly alter the paint scheme!!! Great job on the boarding marine with the shield by the way ;)
I'm leaning towards getting a couple of knights (probably one of each kind from FW on top of the plastic one I have). But I'm not sure about devoting them to the Night Lords. I figure I want to do some kind of household, probably of my own imagination, just to enable me to try something new out and keep my interest up. We'll see.

Originally Posted by JAMOB View Post
Gorgeous conversions mate. Pity about the scare though... Bikers have so much conversion potential.
Do not fear, there will be bikers. Both the wheeled kind and the jet kind. Although they might not be heavily converted to stand out when it comes to decorations (depending on which army sways me for which unit).


The Fangs of the Bat and the Coils of the Hydra

More to come, soon™

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