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Here is a translation that is better and more understandable from the leak from 40Kings:


minimum 2 HQ 2 troops, up to 6 HQ
possibiities for letting units outflank


1. Reroll hits in a challenge
2. Stubborn for complete units of beasts and Cavalry units, units in 12" of the warlord have furious charge
3. monster hunter
4. FNP 6+ for the Warlord and is unit
5. Outflanking and stealth for the warlord and his unit
6. In 12" around the warlord failed morale and pinning checks can be rerolled


- Helfrost-Weapons in different versions
- Blizzard shield is as we already now
- Runic weapons are like Force weapons which also confer adamantium will


- Bite of Fenris: Boltgun with Helfrost
- Helmet of Durfast: reroll to hit, shooting attacks have Ignores cover
- Armor of Russ: 2+/4++, opponent in Challenge has minus 5 to Initiative
- The black death: +2 S, AP 2, CCW, unwieldy,+3 attacks when the enemy has more models in the combat
- Wulfenstone: bearer and unit have Furious charge, bearer has Rage

Psionic powers:

- Living Lightning(primary) , WC 1, 18", Witchfire, S7 AP - Assault 3, Shock= on a to hit roll of 6 two additional hits are generated, does not work with snapshots
- Storm Caller WC1, Blessing, gives psyker and his unit shrouded
- Storm wrath, WC 1, Malediction, target unit in 18" has -1 to BS, treats open terrainas difficult terrain, jump infantry, Antigrav etc must take dangerous terrain test immediately
.- murderous hurricane, WC 2, 18", Witchfire,S4 AP - large blast template, rending, assault 1
- Fury of the wolf spirits, WC 2, 18", Witchfire, S6 AP - Assault 4, S5 AP 2 Assault 2, both profiles are fired in the order the controlling player likes
- JotWW: WC 2, 18", focussed Witchfire, one model except if it isaMC makes an I-Check or dies


WS/BS 6, 13/13/10
assault cannon as standard
+1 to seize the initiative
can swap weapons

Ulrik the Slayer
- WS 6, I5, A3
- confers FNP 6+ to unit
- gives preferred enemy in 6"
- confers stubborn in 6"

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