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Emperor's children and Krateron:

"…By surviving?"

By this point, Sebastian and Darius have walked a fair distance down the street, but they are still close enough where a short jog would allow one to catch up to them.

All four of your vox units act up with static at first, and then you all hear the following:

"**is is Le***na** **ros Gilg***. Four**** Death Gu**. Are *** any surviv**?"

There is no telling how far away this is coming from. The signal is currently too weak to lock onto, but closer proximity may be able to correct that.

A few moments later you will hear the sound of aircraft, though the direction is hard to decipher. If you look to the sky, you will find it too shrouded by ruined building tops, smoke trails and storm clouds to see anything. Then, the faintest echoes of distant weapons fire starts up in the Choral City once again.

Tharr, Kyros, and Gilgumann:

Shortly after Gilgumann sends out his message over the various vox channels, the three of you will hear what sounds like a storm of aircraft coming in towards the city. The sky is filled with smoke and clouds, and hardly anything can be seen. Some of you may catch a glimpse or two of aircraft, and other than making out the shapes of what might be storm birds or thunder hawks you can gather no detail. You will not be able to see what legion or legions they belong to.

It does not take long before you hear weapons fire begin to echo through the city again, coming from the direction you caught the aircrafts heading. It is distant, very distant, but audible nonetheless.

While waiting to see if anyone replies to Gilgumann's message, the three of you can decide what you want to do, whether Tharr wishes to go on with his plan of splitting up, everyone heading in the general direction of battle together, or perhaps another idea.

If any of the other players to decide to respond to the message, I will make the decision of how that occurs and what, if anything, is received by your group.

Vultus and Kazimir:

Same as before, no rush just yet just moving everyone along since they were ready. However, Ramo, if you feel like posting, you are free to move Vultus forward through the city on his own, beginning his trek to…well, I suppose he doesn't much know still does he? He will still see the faint locator runes on his HUD of what are possible survivors, though his vox still seems to be useless. Here, is where you can also make the decision about the carrying the flag. If Kazimir comes into play, he will simply catch up to wherever Vultus has moved to and the update will remain the same for you two from there.

You will be able to hear a quiet hum of jet engines in the distance somewhere, but nothing more.

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