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Originally Posted by elsmiff View Post
As for my DA/BA list, this could be a basis. could swap tact squads and preds for some deathwing or ravenwing dont you think?
I do think, though DC will be costly to include with Deathwing. The way I run those squads they come out to 250/265 points per 5 models, which usually means no frills in the other detachments at this points level. I also prefer White Scars to Ravenwing, but this will all show up in another thread once I get a chance.

Originally Posted by elsmiff View Post
HQ -
Reclusiarch (130)

Elites -
Sanguinary priest w/ jump pack, power sword (90)

Troops -
x10 Assault squad w/ 2x melta (210)

x10 Assault squad w/ 2x flamer, hand flamer (210)

x9 Death company w/ 2x power axe, drop pod (245)

x10 Tactical squad w/ flamer, missile launcher (170)

x10 Tactical squad w/ flamer, missile launcher (170)

Fast Attack -
Baal predator w/ TLAC, heavy bolters (145)

Baal predator w/ TLAC, heavy bolters (145)

1500 pts
Bang on. Love it, and would love to hear how it goes. You're a little soft on the anti armour with all those assault cannons, and those Missile Launchers will go nowhere against many things with armour because they can't blow up anything being AP4. Just get in close and cause some mayhem! I might suggest trying to DS the Melta squad so that if you are indeed up against something with a high AV you can pretty reliably show up right next to it T2 (unless you have some bad dice luck). If you have the models, you could always swap out the Tactical squads for some Devastators and Scouts. I played 4x MLs in one of my first games of 7th in my BA army and it worked out real nice.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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