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Krateron listened to the other Decurion, whatever his name was, with a slack, bored look upon his face. He was goading him, trying to get a reaction, trying to make Krateron lash out - And the Emperor's Child would not like that. It was petulant, an angry, childish attempt to bite, though Krateron was the bigger dog, in his blood, and ash, streaked green. He folded his arms, over his chest, as the Decurion turned and made a rude noise with his mouth. 'Go, then,' He uttered, to himself, in Cthonic. 'Kill for the living.'

Tiberius stepped into the gap between them. He reasoned with Krateron, defending his fellow Decurion, who was now trudging away, with the Legionary - Darius - Following in his wake. Krateron was starting to like this Tiberius, as he leveled an accusation at him, and found himself smiling, half-hearted, beneath his helmet.

'Of course, cousin, I know this was no accident,' He grunted, after a second. Winds were howling against his helmet, though unlike Tiberius, he made no attempt to quiet his voice. 'This was preconditioned. Planned, plotted and enacted - It's all monumental, if you think about it. How long had Horus Lupercal, favoured son, been concocting this treachery? Weeks, months, years?'

He let the question hang in the air, before continuing. 'What am I trying to accomplish?' Krateron barked a laugh. 'Survival, Tiberius, I want to live,' He unfolded his arms, now. The Decurion was standing close, an intimidation, though one that failed to elicit a reaction. I've killed bigger, uglier and darker things than you, Emperor's Child.

'The Death Guard are likely gone, as are the World Eaters,' He continued. 'That leaves the Third and the Sixteenth, the Sirenhold and the Precentor's Palace, and that's where our brothers, when they realise there are survivors, will come down. An hammerfall, a reckoning beyond belief,' He looked up, at the sky, peering, imagining. 'Could you kill a brother, Tiberius? When brothers, who we have served alongside for decades, come baying for your blood, could you? South is safety, get out of the City, get as far as possible. I want to play no part in the coming tragedy. Call me a coward, if you must. It's not cowardice,' Krateron grinned hungrily. 'It's intelligence. Stay here, and we are doomed, worse than doomed. Strength in numbers,' He mocked, with a derisive snort. 'More to kill, you mean.'

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