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Tiberius sighed at Sebastian's words. The Decurion was a fine battle leader of the Emperor's Children, but he was not bred for diplomacy. However correct his assessment of Akkad's folly in believing this was merely an accident, levelling such an accusation bold-facedly would only anger the Cthonian. Right now they did not need the only soul other than themselves that they knew was alive turning on them over hot-blooded words said in anger and sorrow. Tiberius stepped in the gap between Akkad and where Sebastian was walking away. "Forgive my fellow Decurion, he speaks rashly. We have all endured much today and I fear this is not the worst of it." Tiberius was unsure that this would be enough to settle the Son of Horus' ire. "We both owe our Captain, for far more than just warning us today. He is likely dead, you are right, but honour binds us to him and compels us to confirm as such. You are not under his command, so no such bond is on you, and my brother forgets that."

He was about to launch into a list of reasons why it was obvious they had been betrayed; the Dies Irae sealing itself, the word of Saul Tarvitz, the lack of communication from orbit since they landed. He opened his mouth and let it hang open for a moment, leaving a vacuum of silence. A realisation dawned on Tiberius. He wetted his lips and took a half step closer, perhaps accidently appearing like he was trying to intimidate Akkad. His voice dropped to a whisper, laced with inquisitiveness and accusation “You aren’t stupid, Akkad of the Seventh. You know this was no accident, even if you didn’t hear our Captain bring the word of betrayal. You know only your Primarch could order this attack, and you know that no commander would be so rash as to unleash madness this without warning. You know that this would be the most effective way to eliminate Astartes, regardless of the cowardice of the action. So tell me, what are you really trying to accomplish by cutting south?”

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