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Kyros' eyed Marcus for a moment as he spoke, "I will leave this then to you Sergeant Straessen, I will go reconnoitre the area and perhaps find other survivors." His unusual blue eyes flashed a hint of mistrust before he hid them from sight by placing his helmet back on. Go and find other survivors...To what end? It dawned on him that Captain Ehrlan had given them a warning just before the impact of the bio weapon, perhaps there were other survivors and perhaps they were still loyal...Loyal, what the hell does that even mean anymore? Loyal to who?! Kyros allowed his inner dialogue to go on a moment longer before looking back to the barren waste strewn out before them.

"With all respect Brother Sergeant Tharr, we should move together. We have no way of knowing what is out here," he did not enjoy his next statement, the words coming out tasting as if they were poisoned, "We've no way of knowing if there are traitors planetside already." He began walking after Marcus, waving for Alaros to accompany them. Suddenly his thoughts played back the events that had just transpired, the panicked last minute warning of Captain Ehrlan, the desperate race to get to shelter and the sudden silence of the massive weapons of the Legio Titans before any warnings were issued over the vox. He waved to Alaros, motioning for him to meet them at their position, using his vox to ensure both battle brothers could hear his startling realization. "Brothers! The Titans ceased fire -before- we ever received warning of the virus bombs and went completely silent. If they knew of the attack..." His breathing was mixed with snarls, the rage building, even without the Butcher's Nails he was seething.

He clenched his fist and punched a heap of rubble, easily crumpling it as he caught up to Marcus, simply assuming that Alaros had followed. "Sergeant Tharr, Legionaire Gilgumann, we need to get out of the open now." His voice was a hissed whisper, as if speaking softer made the words easier to say, get caught less in his throat and feel less vile. "It is likely that the Legio Titans are involved. Think," he implored them, "They ceased firing before any other warnings went out, they would have issued warnings if they were using normal operational standards, they ceased fire and went completely silent. The blood of our brothers is on their hands as well."

Sensing Tharr's desire to be left with his own thoughts and wallow in the aftermath of what had happened to them, to all of them. "You are not alone in your anguish Brother Sergeant, but this is no time to ask questions such as why. Our Primarchs have betrayed all of us," he pointed to both Tharr and Gilgumann for emphasis, "I will not let this weigh me down with the great sorrow that fills my bones now. No!" He was shouting in defiance as much for the two compatriots he spoke to as himself, convincing himself that he would not be broken, hoping he would believe his own words. "No!" he shouted again, "I will turn my sorrow into rage, rage directed at those who have enacted this cowardice action. Those who tried to murder me and both of you with knives in our backs! I will let my rage turn to guided hatred, my axe will take vengeance upon those who have betrayed us and above all who have betrayed our Emperor. Now let's move, find other survivors and prepare to kill as many who make planetfall as we can."
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