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Marcus merely stood silent as he observed the exchange between Sergeant Kyros and the Death Guard Legionnaire Alaros. He felt wary and exposed as Kyros continued to determine the loyalty of Alaros. The area around them was still partially obscured by the blast wave. Choking clouds of dust and ash reduced visibility heavily. Looking around he could not discern any other signs of life at that point. Signs of life apart from themselves right at this point. Marcus grimaced as Kyros and Alaros touched on the loyalties of the Primarchs and the Emperor. That was not a thought he wanted to dwell on at this point.

It was clear enough however that Angron had abandoned them on this forsaken rock. Marcus thumbed his Vox once again for any source of higher command to guide them. He flipped channels trying to reach Captain Ehrlen and even Centurion Shabran Darr, though Marcus was loathe to trust him. All he connected with however was but howling static and damning silence. He tried again and again as Kyros and Alaros continued their wary approaches in conversation. Neither appeared to really trust the other but Marcus at least knew that Kyros was of the same legion. Abandoned and thrust away they maybe he was most likely Marcus' closest ally.

"I will fight with you," the Death Guard affirmed. That was enough for Marcus. Enough for now as he needed to move and regroup.

"I will leave this then to you Sergeant Straeson." Marcus stated, " I will go reconnoitre the area and perhaps find other survivors."

He hefted his volkite charger and marched off to the ruins of the bunker complex.

"I will be back soon." He said on the World Eater's channel to Kyros, "If the Death Guard tries anything just signal and I will come running back."

His eyes ever vigilant Marcus stalked through the dust choked ruins of the bunker complex. Hefting aside some rubble all he could ever find where corpses of legionnaires. Finding a secluded region Marcus sat down and inspected his gear in case dust damaged the delicate instrumentation. The work was routine for Marcus and most importantly calming. He needed this time to go through his thoughts and find out why.

Why did Angron and the Primarchs abandon them?
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