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Seven weeks ago I got a huge promotion, finally moved up into an engineering position where I've been working at for 10 years now. Everything has been great. Couldn't be happier. Been working my ass off to not only get my work done, but do extra. This week, everybody above me in the company keeps telling me I am doing it wrong, and I need to do things "this way". But nobodies "this way" is the same. I have been fucking getting chewed out all week. Then I go to my local game store, hoping to get a little self indulgence. My 99% angel of a son decided to use that 1% of being a shit to ruin my time at the store. So today, I noticed a video on miniwargaming by eonsofbattle. The one they made about using crackle medium to make an ice base for a mini. I thought I would like to try to get some at my local art store, and try out my own design. Sort of a lava look, possibly. After three stores, no dice. Then my wife starts in on me.


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