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Hey all, norm has granted me the title of bearer of the second chapter. It's taken me a while to find time to sit down and write. But here goes:

"Burning?!" Astor repeated, dumbstruck.
"Aye Captain" Clarris replied solemnly "Even from here you can see it. there are other ships here Captain, thousands."
Astor held the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger for a long minute, taking in the scope of Holy Terra burning. Finally the Captain snapped into action, sprinting back to the command deck.
When he arrived, the crew stood huddled around one of the navigation screens.
"What is it?" Astor asked approaching the screen.
"A Distress signal with an attached video." Replied Jonas, a young navigator.
They stared at the image on the screen, binary composed in the form of a ditress signal. The image froze and then the screen burst into light as a video began to play.

The screen shook as the ground infront of the camera errupted. A huge figure, encased in blue and gold charged towards the camera. The figure looked old and wise but was haggerd and battered. Blood wept from multiple wounds upon his face, his left arm hung impotently at his side, half severed, and he bore a hole in his shoulder.
"This is Marneus Calgar of the blessed Ultramarines" the man spoke, his breath ragged "We have held them for days and nights. My Chapter is broken! We must fall back. There is no escape. Do not send aid! I repeat. Stay away from Ter-"
The video was cut short as a blinding light engulfed the screen. Static followed.
"And it just repeats." Jonas stated.
"How old is this?" Admiral Clarris asked. Jonas typed for several seconds before stopping, open mouthed.
"What? What is it boy? How old is this transmission?" Astor asked, his eyes alight with fearful interest.
"The date. It's M41 001. This is 2 years Terran time into the future sir"
"What? how is that possible?" Clarris asked, furious.
Jonas entered more information into the computer before stopping abruptly once again.
"Sir, the nav-computer reads the present data as M51 0001. According to this Sir, we are over 10,000 years in the future"

Silence filled the bridge, only broken as the disrtess video started once again. And outside the viewscreen in front of them, beyond the thousands of wrecked starships, Terra continued to burn.

Well i hoped you enjoyed that folks. I will PM the person who i would like to take up the mantle of Chapter 3.

And thanks again to norm for this lovely opportunity



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