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Initiate 437 stares at Apocathery Michael through the blue lens of his helmet and when he is indicated to sit down on one of the medical slabs he does so handing the apocathery his currently severed hands and watch Michael set to work examining the stump. When Brother-Apocathery Michael attempts to lighten Initiate 437 mood by sharing the information about Champion Jarius all he would receive from Initiate 437 is the cold blank stare of the helmet's blue eye lens meeting his own with the Apocathery may be thinking that his patient if glaring at him. For the next ten minutes the two of them remain in silence as the Apocathery works on re-attaching his hand with Initiate 437 flexing his fingers and wrist when told and once the minor surgery is complete he slides off of the medical slab and onto his feet before inclining his head and heading for the door. When Michael speaks that when they meet again he hopes to call him 'Brother' Initiate 437 once more inclines his head to Michael before bringing his hands up to make the sign of the Aquila as he then sets off on his way to the Armoury and his over-due appointment with Magos Kane.

While making his way to the armoury Initiate 437 has time to reflect on what Apocathery Michael said about the skills of Jarius and resolves to make himself one of those that can send the Brotherhood-Champion to the Apocatherion. Shaking his helmet from side to side with a tiny audible sigh Initiate 437 then turns his attention to the meeting that he is about to have with the Magos and assumes that the Magos will take his silence by verbally and psychically as part of his own dislike towards the diminutive little Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Stepping over the fresh hold of the corridor and into the armoury Initiate 437 turns his helmeted head left and right watching the servitors making repairs to weapons, armoury, combat vehicles and components for the ship itself as he then turns his head in the direction of Magos Kane who he can see has appeared and emitted a mechanical growl that Initiate 437 interprets as a sigh knowing that Kane is looking at his damaged left vambrace where his stormbolter should be. Striding over towards the Magos of the Mechanicus, Initiate 437 looks down at him and to those around he would literally tower over one of the so called: Lords of Mars, as there was close to three feet in difference between Initiate 437 and Kane's own height.

Listening to what Kane has to say Initiate 437 remains in complete silence even when he is handed the bolter and once has is handed it he turns his blue helmet lens to inspect it and sees that this bolter is probably older than even Jarius and most over members in the current company. Initiate 437's eyes scan the bolter for a name as he turns it over in his hands before taking a sure hold on it and feeling its weight and looking down its sight feeling far more comfortable with this form of bolter than he had done with the stormbolter that was once apart of his wargear. Nodding his thanks to Magos Kane he turns and begins to make his way out of the armoury and towards the training decks when the Magos pleads with him not to try and break this one, mag-locking it to his right thigh Initiate 437 turns to face Kane and brings up his hands together slotting his fingers together so that Magos Kane can see as he makes the Cog-Toothed sign of the Mechanicus before finally turning and leaving to head to the armoury.

Once reaching the armoury Initiate 437 checked the HUD on his helmet to see how much time he had left before he had to meet with the rest of Squad Dothrac and seeing that he still had plenty of time he gripped his new bolter in his hands as he moved over to the targeting range that has been set up like that of a street with moving targets stationed in the windows that would fire back blank rounds that were checked to see if they would hit the Marine. Looking around before he began he saw that some battle-brothers of other squads were on the training deck and hoped that they had not learned that he had done, and if they had that they would leave him be for now. Taking a final deep breath Initiate 437 turned back to the shooting range / training exercise as he raised his bolter up to his shoulder and began training to become more proficient with a weapon that was rarely used in the arsenal of a Grey Knight.

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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