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Well this week was called off...But probably a good thing because the new box set only just arrived today! I also ordered x3 Toulons direct from Spartan so they should be with me by next week. I will have a heat lance heavy list next Wednesday with a good airforce supporting it bahahahah. And it's escalating to 1500pts, so I can try loads more toys!

Einherjar: The Tourbillion is cool. Slow as hell (6"), but if you move in a straight line you get an extra 2" due to Advanced Engines. It's good to remember this in a pinch, as the difference between Range Band 3 and Range band 2 can make a big difference.
The other cool thing about Tourbillions is that you get free tiny flier tokens with it. Nice. They are good to run in smaller points games I think, as they are very reasonably priced.

I may actually run a Vauban, Tourbillion, Couronne combination in higher points games. I think that would get you a total of 32 SAS. I would probably back that up with a couple of Frelon and Voltaire squadrons. That is a BIIIIG airforce. Quite fluffy too, as we are supposed to have the best airforce in the DW world.

Tawa: Have you tried out the different types of SAS and have views on what are the best? I have tried out fighters and dive bombers. The Dive Bombers seem like my favourite so far, it's just a matter of getting them close enough. Torpedo Bombers don't look like they can do enough damage. Fighters just do what they do. I'm honestly just thinking of taking the (almost) mandatory x1 spotter plane, 25% fighters and 75% dive bombers at all times.

Think I might go for something like this at 1500pts:

Naval Fleet:

Saint Malo Heavy Battleship

Cherbourgh Battle Cruiser

Toulon Armoured Cruisers x3

Lyon Frigate x4

Aerial Fleet:
Vauban Sky Fortress

Voltaire Heavy Interceptor x2
Voltaire Heavy Interceptor x2

Frelon Bomber x4
Frelon Bomber x4

SAS x20

:1445pts (without upgrades)
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