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Most more in shock than anything else, unable to come to grips with the betrayal that had just occurred, some of our characters stand silent when spoken to, some merely stare at the sky, hardly any words forming on their lips, and others seem to push the event away as if it hadn't even happened, coldly asking for their next orders or demanding identification from the fellow Betrayed.

With such a drastic and unexpected turn of events, it inevitably takes time for it all to sink in and rise to its full effect in the minds of the loyalists.


Though your vox communications are back up, any testing of them seems to be rather limited. Occasional long distance signals light up, perhaps allowing one way messages to the ships above or to Captains dispersed throughout the city. You receive nothing in return however, if you try.

'Local' communications seem to operate without any issues, though. What the stable range is at the moment, can hardly be deciphered.


After you emerge from your cover, growling and shaking with bloodlust, you try your best to take in your surroundings, as difficult as that is now that the entire image of the city has been so gravely altered. You come to realize you are in one of many shrine districts. At the front of one of the shrine entrances, a pale green figure climbs out. The bright and spectacular colors and designs of a banner he carries is what first pulls your eyes toward him. Go to this Marine. Once with him, the two of you will pick up faint signals of some other survivors no too far off, to the Northwest of your location.

The Sons of Horus Standard Banner is none other than Decius Vultus, Lord Ramo's character.


"Why, Lupercal?" You whisper. Your soft words seem to be carried by the wind, picked up and thrown across the ruins, endlessly. The death throes of so many at once have disturbed this place in reality. Your tongue, after saying your Primarchs name, literally tastes different for a brief moment.

Without much longer to reflect, you will see a World Eater approaching you. Soon after meeting this Legionary, the two of you will pick faint signals on your HUD, indication other possible survivors not far from here, to the Northwest.

Either you or Euphrati can post first. One does not need to wait on the other. I would suggest speaking with each other about the posts beforehand.

The Emperors Children:

Decurion Loculus seems stunned, shocked into silence perhaps, but manages to move his boots forward as the two of you begin to move out. His helm always turning, looking up at the destruction wrought all around you.

Despite any attempts, no word from Tarvitz comes back to you. All you can hear beyond the footsteps of you and your two brothers is the crackling fires of still burning wreckage.

When a channel opens to you, it is not the voice of your Captain as you had hoped, but someone else.

"Emperor's Children, be you friend or foe?"

The vox link indicates it is coming from a Sons of Horus Marine. What does he mean friend or foe, do you even know who your friends are now? Do you reply to him and move toward the signal which shows he is further down the street you know walk on, or attempt to avoid him?


You wait to see if the Emperor's children respond. While you wait, is there anything else that you do?

They are likely in a similar predicament. Whatever their answer may be, how do you know what friend or foe would actually mean now that the world has turned upside down?

If they respond to you, please follow up on this. If they do not, what is your next move?


A few seconds pass and Gilgumann is finally able to turn his head away from the burnt sky, and look upon the two World Eater Sergeants now staring at him from across the roadway.

Are you the only Death Guard left on the surface of this world? Why are these two legionaries not Gahal and Haban, or are you simply glad to see that someone else survived at all?

You may interact with these two Sergeants in anyway you see fit, or you can even ignore them and do whatever you want. The choice is yours to make.

Tharr and Straesen:

If Angel of Lies posts first, at least part of your post would of course be to continue the interaction, if either of you post first you can interact with each other instead. You may even decide to ignore the Death Guard marine if he can't regain his composure and move on without him in search of any other XII Legion survivors.

Remember, multiple posts are allowed if needed. If that means each post ends up only being a few paragraphs, give or take, that is perfectly fine.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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