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Default New 40k player looking for some tips!

Hi everyone,

I have a confession to make; I am a complete and total noob when it comes to 40k (at least since second edition when I was a kid). I have lots of experience with warhammer fantasy but I don't know the first thing about "rending" or "hammer of wrath" other than that they sound awesome.

I have however had a flick through the 6th edition rulebook (once all the way through, at speed). Unfortunately if haven't managed to get my hands on the 7th ed rules yet.

I'm interested in getting into it and have a few questions, along with what I hope will be a fun army list which isn't impossible to win with.

Here's the list:

Space wolves 1,500 pts

HQ - Rune Priest. Terminator armour. Combi-melta. Wolf tooth talisman. Chooser of the slain.

Elites - 5 Wolf Guard Terminators. 1xTH and Storm Shield, 1x Assault cannon and chainfist, 3x storm bolter and wolf claw.

Attached unit - Land Raider Crusader.

Troops - 10 Grey Hunters. Wolf standard. 1x plasma gun, 1x meltagun. Rhino

Troops - 10 Grey Hunters. Wolf standard. 1x melta gun. Rhino

Fast Attack - 5 thunderwolf cavalry. 1 with storm shield. 1 with frost axe. The rest vanilla.

5 long fangs - 4 missile launchers.

I hope this will be fun to use and semi-competitive.

Here are some questions I have:

1) What discipline on the rune priest would best compliment this list, and why?

2) I notice a lot of competitive lists I've looked at seem very repetitive (e.g nothing but grey hunters and razorbacks with some long fangs). Is it possible to win in the current meta with a more varied list?

3) Any general tips on the list above?

Thanks in advance for any responses!
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