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Decius stared blankly ahead at the inside of the Drop pod as it screamed through the atmosphere towards the planet below. The traitors that had risen up would be put down by no less than elements from four different legions, including that of the Sons of Horus his own legion. He had felt a swell of pride when he found out that the 2nd Company would be among the first deployed, and looked forward to cutting down those that had turned from the Emperors truth, even more honoured that he would continue to carrying the 2nd Companies banner. It was his charge to ensure its safety, one he had enjoyed since the Ullanor campaign.

He heard the voice of Sergeant Ulox in his ear as the Sergeant bellowed to his squad, which Decius had joined in the descent to the planet. “We fight under the banner today brothers! Bring honour to the squad and the Legion. Luprecal!” His voice was joined by his battle brothers and Decius’ own as they shouted the name of their beloved Primarch.

“The Second are honoured today by the Primarch. We are his retribution on those that would turn from the Emperors noble goal. For the Emperor and Horus!” Decius bellowed as the Drop pod slammed into the ground, kicking up dust and masonry. The pod opened and Decius was the first out, plasma pistol in one hand and banner held aloft in the other, urging his brothers forward. They had landed in a street somewhere on the outskirts of the Sirenhold, the objective for the Sons of Horus. Decius tried to raise the rest of the command element on his vox, “Captain Torgaddon, Vultus here we have arrived off target and can’t seem to get any tactical information from the Vengeful Spirit.”

“Sorry Decius, but we are in one heck of a fight right now and scattered all over the Sirenhold, we will try and guide you to us but you must try and make your way here.” The vox crackled back as Torgaddon replied.

“Affirmative Captain, we will meet you further in then.” Decius replied as he motioned for Ulox to lead the men forward.

The squad did the best they could do in the situation they were in, with limited tactical information they pushed through the Sirenhold, running into defensive barricade after defensive barricade, smashing their way through the defenders as they headed deep into the Sirenhold. However with every barricade their numbers dwindled, with the few brothers he had with him being taken down one after another with lucky shots from the defenders, though their losses were few and infrequent by the time they had reached one of the shrines that had been set up by the traitors only four brothers remained with Decius. Ulox had been taken down when a sniper had placed a round through his helmetless face, Decius cursing his brother for not wearing a helmet. He lead the remains of the squad into the shrine thinking that now they would be able to rendezvous with some elements of the second or even any other Sons of Horus.

However what waited for them within wasn’t his brother Astartes, but the warsingers that they had been sent to neutralise. Three of them stood in the centre of the shrine, Decius quickly ordering his brothers to open fire on the warsingers as they entered and were noticed by them. The Warsingers reacted first leaping forward and catching one of his brothers in their psychic scream, Decius roaring to his brothers to fire as he let loose with his plasma pistol. The burning plasma burst hit the first warsinger in the face, instantly melting away flesh and bone and causing it to gurgle as it hit the floor very much dead. Decius tracked the second as two of his brothers fell to the pure sound that the warsingers were admitting. He fired again but cursed as it suddenly leapt into the air, dodging his blast only for the last brother with him to gun it down with an entire clip from his bolter on full auto. As his brother was reloading the third struck, screaming at his brother as it killed him with sound.

As it turned towards Decius it suddenly staggered backwards as it was hit by a plasma blast to the chest, knocking it off of its feet. Decius stalked forward, watching the warsinger as it struggled for breath. “This world is ours warsinger. We are bringing it back into the Emperor’s truth. You cannot stop us.” Decius said through his helmet speakers before he brought his standard down through the warsingers head, ending its existence.

Decius world crackled into life as he culd hear his captains words “Seek cover Sons of Horus! Incoming biological weapons!” Decius cursed as he ripped the standard free and charged further into the shrine slamming all the doors he could behind him. He found a long dark corridor and without pause he entered it slamming the door shuts as he could hear the screaming city behind. How many of his brothers would be caught out in the open he was not sure.

He waited what seemed a lifetime alone in the dark, as a precaution he had waited a while and had been fortunate to do so that he missed the firestorm that engulfed the planet. Decius eventually made his way out, staring at the rubble of the city. The air was pungent with the smell of death, Decius glad he wore his helm. As he stepped outside he realized a terrible truth, this was not the work of the Istavaan’. Everything was dead, there was nothing left. Only such devastation could be caused by the Life eater virus, and only two beings had the authority to use such a weapon. He stared up at the sky and said quietly, “Why Luprecal?”

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