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Originally Posted by mal310 View Post
Seems the IW were relegated to promoting McNeill's 40K work. AE was an abomination.
Originally Posted by Stephen74 View Post
I though AE was ok. As I've said many time, McNeill is very hit and miss for me, when he embarks on descriptive writing he is awful, but when he works with characters dialogue he is excellent. AE is a fair split but I think he does a good job with Perturabo
You know, I've noticed his best work has been portraying loyalist legions even when they are the verge of corruption. I think thats what made A Thousand Sons and Fulgrim possibly his greatest works. I'm not a big fan of his portrayal of traitors. I think he paints them as black and white and doesn't really show that corrupted aspect. They aren't simply bad characters you know? They are corrupted.
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