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Marcus smiled as the smoke rose in the shattered city streets of Choral. His Volkite charger let loose another beam explosively deflagrating more of the rabble. The low bass thrum of the volkite weapons of his squad and the sharp crack of the bolters continued ceaselessly. Enemies were falling left and right with their bodies torn asunder. Sensing that the timing was right Marcus gave the order for a charge to break them once and for all. The enemy gun line was in tatters and its' leadership desperate to rally.

“We shall break your world for the Imperium!” Marcus roared and charged. He sheathed his Volkite charger and withdrew his chain-axe.

The charge of the legionnaires was thunderous and terrifying as enemies were mulched from the sheer impact and rent limb from limb with each swing of their weapons. Marcus kept an eye on his squads vitals. Most were elevated but not out of the norms. They were slaking their battle rage on a hapless enemy, white armour slowly being coloured to a dull crimson. Marcus drew his sights on an officer equipped with a crackling sabre. The officer in turn saw the approaching metal clad giant and called for help. There will be none for him as Marcus sprinted forward and with two great swings of his axe he cleaved three soldiers in twain. He loomed over the man, his brows were beading with sweat, his eyes a mixture of fear and recklessness.

Marcus levelled his axe at the officer and then attacked. One swing of his chain-axe brushing aside the parry and biting deep into the officer's torso. The body soon became limp and Marcus kicked it off his chain-axe. Confirmation lights were soon beaming on his HUD as the last of the resistance was wiped out with the fury of the World Eaters. Adjoining groups were also beginning their advance.

“Civilians were being hidden in these buildings Sergeant.” Brother Antolius signalled to Marcus over the Vox. “I am bringing the flamer over now to purge the filth.”

“Good,” Marcus stated dryly. The smell of burning meat and the screams of the innocent soon permeated the air.

He took the time to quickly look over a tactical map with his squad leaders while they flamers did their work. Most of the city centre will soon be cleared. Squad leaders quickly chimed in that all legionnaires were accounted for bar those that did not survive the initial drop pod assault. Right now they were a ways of the central administration building so they will circle back and regroup with the 12th and 43rd squads and swing by the west wall. The PDF of Choral city have destroyed a series of vital bridges near the building and slowing the legionnaires further.

It was a bold plan but ultimately futile in the face of the might of the legions. After some distance of travelling the sounds that covered the battlefield had audibly dulled. Suddenly their vox crackled to life.

“Get to shelter now... All World.... Squads get to...” The voice continued. It was Captain Ehrlen and he was broadcasting on all frequencies.

There was a series of cleared bunkers near their position. Now was the time to depart.

“There are bunkers to the West move now!” Marcus exclaimed to his squad. The legionnaires sprinted towards the bunkers and sequestered themselves within. Behind them the high pitched howl of Virus Bombs covered the city. Marcus only got a brief look at the city as other members of his squads dove into unsealed bunkers. He slammed the door shut as he made his way in, squad members flashing confirmation lights as they made it to safety. He only got a glimpse of an Assault Sergeant diving into his bunker from the other side before the impact hit and Marcus blacked out.

A large chunk of concrete was sitting atop Marcus as he awoke and ironically it must have been what saved his life. Using his superhuman strength he slowly slid of the concrete slab and stood up. He could not hear anything but a loud ringing. He steadied himself on ground and looked around. Marcus saw the fellow marine next to him. He was gesturing to Marcus but he was still deafened from the blast. His senses were all jumbled. He held up a hand in affirmation to the marine. From his decorations and gear he appeared to be an Assault Marine. His HUD gave his name to be Kyros of the 7th Assault Squad.

Soon Marcus' hearing came back to him and signalled any squad members if they were still alive. No lights came back to him and all vital showed that they were dead. Anger bitter and deep crept up within him mixed with sorrow. He slammed his fist on ground in futility. They were all dead and that was that. He tucked the rage deep within him and looked for Kyros. He found the sergeant confronting a Death Guard legionnaire. The marine was consumed with grief as Kyros tried to talk to him. That weapon that hit them, it came from above, from the starships. Angron would never permit such a thing to be used on his legion and even more so to be deprived of battle. Something was wrong. Marcus mulled it over as he approached Kyros. He did not want to consider it but they have been betrayed by the fleet above and perhaps by their own legion. The anger welled up within him once more. Questions were flying within his head as to why. There was one clear fact however, that they have been betrayed by powers beyond their own reckoning. Perhaps by the Primarchs themselves.

Marcus walked over warily to the Death Guard. He tried voxing Captain Ehrlen over the legion channels as he looked over the Death Guard legionnaire.

“Legionnaire state your identification.” he said.

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