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We are escalating it slowly as we all learn the new rules, as this seems the most logical thing to do: 750pts, last week 1000pts, this week 1250pts. Do whatever you are comfortable really. My first game was 750pts but we didnt finish within 3 hours, as obviously there was a lot to learn. Second game went a lot smoother though, and last week we almost finished a game at 1000pts within the 3 hours. The trouble is that we constantly have to refer to the download-only stats for the units that werent included in the rulebook (there are quite a lot), so that kind of bogged it down a bit until we started memorising them. I really need to print them out but my printer is broken so right now I have to sift through my ipod touch pdf reader to view them.

Well, I might be able to add my new goodies this week, if they arrive tomorrow. Will probably take the St. Malo and definitely the Cherbourg (all those heat lances). I think next week we will be doing 1500pts, so I will definitely be taking the Vauban then! :-)

Do you think a 300pt Sky Fortress is viable in a 1250pt game Tawa? It's so tempting...lol

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