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Originally Posted by Einherjar667 View Post
Just got the rulebook and the Republique of France naval battle group box. Going up to my local place Tuesday to check out a few games.

Is this a good start or what?!
I also collect RoF! I got the rulebook on launch day and have had 3 games so far. I love it so far, it's my new favourite tabletop game. All the new models Spartan Games are releasing are amazing in my opinion.

When you say the naval battle group do you mean the older box set or the new one below?


I traded away a lot of my 40k for some of the older box sets to get me started. However, I ordered the new naval one and it should be here tomorrow I can't wait to check out the Saint Malo, looks like a sweet model.

I'd recommend you try incorporating some Aerial units as you learn the game, just because they are a lot of fun. The Tourbillion Sky Fortress in combination with the Couronne carrier gives you a load of tiny flier tokens to support your naval fleet (22 altogether IIRC). Also, Voltaire interceptors are really cool, i'm trying them out in squadrons of 2. We seem to have quite a strong airforce to support our naval fleets.

Oh and my Vauban should arrive this week too!

Fun times
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