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Originally Posted by F22Reject View Post
Finishing up the audio book myself while driving. Have a semi..curious question that perhaps you fine gentlemen could clear up. Contains spoilers if you haven't read the book, and i have no clue how to hide spoilers, feel free to enlighten me as well, so reader beware

So, Khagan teleports back to his ship to find everyone not really playing nice. Walks up the Hassik Noyan Khan and says something like, bro did i say you could raise your blade in my house? nobody lifts a weapon without my say. He then stabbed bro for lifting his blade and tosses him aside right? I got to thinking though, The Weather Maker Yeusegui translates into the Prospero system to find the legion just kinda..chillen. He then takes it upon himself to blast the Death Guard. No permission from the Khagan, he just does it.

Now, isn't that the same thing Hassik did? and yet Hassik got stuck for his troubles and the Weather Maker got a warm greeting. Any thoughts? I realize the depths of the difference in their actions, but the principle remains the same. Nobody said kill them DG kids.
My understanding of it was
Khagan was pissed that he had told his Legion to wait for his decision as to what side they were going to take yet Noyan and his groupies took action in his (the khagans) name. The lifting of the blade in the Khagans presence was just an excuse to slice and dice Noyan.

That was very different to Yeusegui who had determined the Death Guard were the enemy and were attempting to prevent an attack on the scars. He was protecting the legion from a (possible) imminent attack and he was doing it off his own back and not claiming he was acting for the khagan.

Had the Khagan decided to join mortarian, it could well have been Yeusegui getting the chop.
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