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Kyros lead the 7th Assault Squad through the streets of the city, their jump packs carrying them over buildings and battlements with ease and allowing them to easily flank their enemies, blood running down the white gantlet of the World Eater. His power axe flickering with a blue and white wash of energies, the booming thuds of the the Titan weapons in the background punctuating their every action.

As the last of the rebels in the city had been subdued the booming shelling of the Legio Titans suddenly stopped. Unusual, typically they continued with their barrage or at least orders were issued for the cease fire of the massive Titans. Kyros heard no such orders over the vox line. The grating voice of Captain Ehrlen erupted over the vox comm, issuing orders for all the World Eaters to seek shelter form an imminent bio attack from the remaining rebels. Where could the rebels even launch a last gasp strike from? Kyros thought before quickly springing into action, his squad perched atop a ruined building of the capital city. "7th Squad on me!" He bellowed, firing his thrusters and launching himself to the ground below, seeing a scattering of other Astartes below, all seeking shelter from the supposed threat.

The Titans have stopped firing... The thought crept into his mind as he lead his squad in an effort to seek shelter, the realization of the cease fire of the Titans lending credence suddenly to the warning of a bio attack. The Titans would shut down and seal themselves up if there was indeed a legitimate threat of a bio attack. But why hadn't there been a mass alert?

Their large, bulbous jump packs got in the way, they did not allow for the assault marines to move as fleet of foot as their Brother Astartes of the tactical squads when they maneuvered on foot. As they came into view of a shelter that looked as promising as any, in so much as it was the nearest one. A crackling hiss in the sky pulled all of their heads upwards, a vapor trail of a projectile careening towards the surface of the planet. Without having time to think of the implications of such missile Kyros urged his brothers onwards, firing the thrusters on his jump pack once more, desperately trying to get into the shelter. As his feet touched down he could just see the door of the bunker, far too narrow to accommodate an Astartes jump pack, barely wide enough for their tactical squad Brethren to get in. As he deftly unhooked the various clamps and locks that connected the jump pack to him, Kyros freed himself and stumbled the last desperate few meters. The moment of impact was at hand though, many of his Brothers having landed too far away to make it to the bunker on foot. Kyros stood at the threshold of the doorway to the bunker, holding the massive thick slab of a door open, his axe and plasma pistol stowed away, waving with his free hand for his brothers to get into the bunker. Only the nearest, the eldest of 7th Squad, Brother Rasul had any chance of making it. Desperately clawing and fighting with the links and clamps of the jump pack, Rasul lunged, his pack still attached, knowing that he himself could not make it into the bunker now. Rasul slammed into Kyros, knocking him back, his final action of service to the 7th Squad would be to save their Sergeant, to save Kyros. "Brother Sergeant Kyros, it has been an honor to serve with you, but The Emperor has chosen different Fates for us." The Veteran slammed the thick slab door shut to the bunker just as the virus bomb struck.

Kyros sat up, rushing to the door, slamming it with his fists, knowing that he had no choice but to accept their fates at that moment, letting loose with a vengeful promise, "Brother Rasul, I shall avenge you all!"

As the dust settled and the door to the bunker was opened, Kyros looked to the ash mound just in front of the door, speaking in a low tone to himself more than anything, "Brother Rasul..." His attention then turning to the surviving Sergeant, the markings on his armor indicated he was from a Tactical Squad (Marcus Tharr), "Brother Sergeant, I am Kyros, Sergeant of 7th Assault Squad...My men did not make it, any survivors from your squadron?" He looked over his fellow Sergeant, seeing that his posture and vitals indicated that he was just as surprised by the damage at the surface as he himself. This was no improvised Rebel attack, no, this was a virus bomb. And only one army had access to this weapon of catastrophic destruction, The Imperium, and there was only one who could have issued such an order. Horus, The Warmaster had issued the orders to fire a virus bomb upon a planet with tens of thousands of Brother Astartes on the surface. This was an act of open betrayal, of both Brother Astartes and the Emperor himself.

"Hold! state your legion, name and rank!" The threads that held them together were frayed, and as the mud and blood caked visage of an olive green power armored Death Guard came into view Kyros could not bring himself to immediately trust this newcomer, especially one with a plasma cannon strapped to his back. His combat shield was on his left arm, his plasma pistol held in his left hand, his power axe had found its way into his right hand, fully expecting the support of his fellow World Eater in any confrontation that should arise, feeling that the only one he could trust right in this moment, would be this Brother Sergeant of the World Eaters that had survived with him in the same bunker.

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