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The drop pod carrying Darius and his squad had landed in the plaza at the northern face of the palace. His first sight when the sides of the drop pod hammered down was captain Lucius slaying a pack of the palace guards, their black glass armor cracking and shattering under the blows of his sword. He had always admired the captain for his skills in close combat, as he should, Lucius's movement was fluid as he pivoted from target to target, never letting a blow land on him. The shout from one of the istvaanians shook him out of his trance as he caught sight of a blade arching towards him. Darius quickly side stepped and snapped a quick punch towards the humans face, instantly killing him. He stepped over the body and released a hail of bolter rounds at a crowd of the glass armored warriors, watching the armor crumble as the rounds exploded. The brutal combat was over in no less than 10 minutes and hundreds of bodies were strewn around, a testimony to the effectiveness of the astartes.

The day continued on like this, advancing and killing all who rebelled against the imperium until a vox hail from captain Saul Tarvitz, warning all about a virus strike stopped the whole advance. Every astartes in the immediate area seeked shelter. As Darius and his squad were moving towards a bunker, an officer called to them and ordered them to accompany him in an search for Saul tarvitz. However they would never thing Tarvitz as the virus strike arrived sooner than they had expected. Darius looked up and saw the virus bombs popping, sending a green cloud of the life eater virus across choral city. He was suddenly grabbed by one of the decurions and dragged into a nearby civilian building. Inside the basement, he and the two others heard the screams as the city died. when they emerged from their shelter, the city was a very different place. soon after the vox came back online.

After hearing the vox message carrying the news of their betrayal, Darius fell to his knee's, wondering what would drive the Warmaster to commit such an act of heresy against the emperor of mankind... his own father. As he looked at the destruction that had been released upon the occupants of Choral city, he wondered what they must have felt as they were doomed to die, knowing that they couldn't stop it or even try to prevent it. Darius looked up at the emotionless helms of his commanders, knowing that they must be thinking the same things as him. Pulling himself together, Darius picked up his bolter from the ever growing layer of ash that was falling as a result of the whole continent getting vaporized by the Warmasters lance strike. He now knew that he would not fall until every last traitor paid for what they had done this day. Darius removed his helm, wanting to see the destruction through his own eyes and not the tinted glass of his battle plate. The very moment that the helm was removed, he was hit by the overwhelming smell of scorched rockrette. The original beauty of the city was no more, for where once stood buildings of great architectural achievement, now stood burnt out husks of which many were still burning from the firestorm.

Turning towards the two decurions that had ordered him to accompany them in their quest to find captain Tarvitz, Darius starts to wonder how many of his brothers from the other legions managed to get to a shelter before the viral strike, hoping that their shelters were resilient enough to protect them from the same fate of so many astartes that day. The acrid smell of the air was finally too much for Darius to handle, so he put his helm back on, glad when the air filters in his armor replaced the the smell with recycled air. "what are my orders, sirs" Darius requested.

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