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Now we have a special series of guest posts from @mayegelt , covering the few areas of Chaoticism in 40k that I don't have nailed down: Lords of War and Forge World. Note that I have mildly edited the formatting of these posts so they fit with the rest of the tactica; they can be found in their original form on pages 3 and 4 of this thread, and each segment will be linked to .



This segment originally found here.

>>> Lord of Skulls!!!! (Found in Escalation)

This guy was the previous Chaosy version of a warhound Titan. Slightly more expensive at just shy of 900Pts but also had some bonus stuff to go with it. Also a damn site cheaper in money though as the Warhound I believe is about £250ish and the Lord of Skulls is only around £100.

Going on to the stats and stuff though... Here you get a Super-Heavy Walker and all the standard rules that go with that. It also gets IWND, Rage, Fleet, Daemonforge and Daemon. So slightly faster than normal and hits a bit more, and gets a 5+ daemon save. It is also reasonable armour at 13-13-11, so not bad but not great.

It comes with 2 guns. The first is the Gorestorm though that can be replaced with an ichor or Daemongore. The other is a Hades Gatling what can be replaced with a Skull Hurler. The Gorestorm and Daemongore weapons are kinda the same thing but the first is S8 AP3, while the upgrade makes it S9 but gains 'Instant Death' but also 'Gets Hot'. The weapon itself is a Hellstorm Flamer template. The Ichor is S7 AP2 Large Blast so also not a great weapon considering the just shy of 900pts this beasty costs.

The bigger choice comes from the option of the Hades Gatling what is your standard S8 AP3 gun but with 12 shots a turn, so mass numbers of shots. Also has pinning. The Skull Hurler takes a different method to do the same job. At S9 and AP3 still this weapon has an Apoc Blast, and any successful saves are made to reroll against it.

Now here comes the big reason to take it... Close Combat. Starting with a rather terrible A4 it does get 6 on charge. But for every HP lost by it during the game it gains an additional attack up to a max of 10 attacks. With 9 Hull points to lose this mounts up to max at the point it still has 3HP left. Also because of IWND then it can lose HP and regain them, but doesn't lose the bonus attacks. These attacks are of course made with the normal Titan/Knight style weapon, so a D weapon with AP1 and on top you do not get your Stomp attack but instead get an arguably better Thunderblitz attack what of course happens before combat rather than I1 like a Stomp.

Overall rating for this is it is a big load of points to burn and personally I am happier to spend the points on a load of smaller things. But taking that Skull Hurler can truly do a load of damage to a clustered unit of tanks or MEQ. But with that upgrade and the Daemongore one as well you are spending over 1000pts on a single thing with only a 5++ and no voidshields or anything else to protect it.

>>> Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne (Imp Armour 2013)

Once again a model that costs a fair bit of money £140ish. This model is a big expense at around the same as the Warhound Titan. With a reasonable AV of 14-13-10 and 9HP it has a stronger front than the Lord of Skulls but also a weaker rear what is vulnerable to bolters and such. This combined with it having a Doomsday Reactor (+2 to cata damage table) it means it goes out with a rather large BANG!. Though also having Daemon, IWND and its very special Runes of the Blood God rule that means all psy powers thrown at it will suffer a peril regardless of if they pass or fail to cast.

This beast also starts with more attacks and is also very fast at getting to combat due to having a charge range of 3D6 rather than the normal 2D6, though lacking Fleet that the Lord of Skulls gets it doesn't get that nice reroll on distance. In combat it isn't a slouch, but does lack a D weapon. This is a major upset for a model costing as much as many of the alternatives that get one. HOWEVER it makes up for this in a way with instead of the normal D3 stomps it gets D3+2.

Now for the firepower. It comes with 4 guns:
- The first is a Scorpion Cannon this is like the Hades Gatling with S6 AP3 and 10 Shots.
- The second the Soulburner is basically a Demo cannon like on a Vindicator but ignores cover.
- The other 2 guns are Hellmaw Cannons. These are your basic S6 AP3 Flamers.

The overall for this is again an expensive beasty, and personally I think once again it is to many points for how good it is. When something like the cost of 2 Imperial Knights, it isn't as good IMOO.


Chaos also gain access to Warhound and Reaver Titans, though they are a bit special as they can have marks that means things like Reroll Smash D3 for number of hits, IWND, Reroll 1s to hit, or lower then enemy LD in combat. Though reviews of these can be found for the Imperial versions. Also they get the Thunderhawk Gunship what is the same as the Imperial version but you can get it possessed so it will eat your crew but restores its hull points if it does. Also as it gains Daemon it gets a nice 5++ save.



This segment originally found here.

>>> Storm Eagle Gunship

At just over 200 pts this is a great transport for large squads as it has room for 20. Also being an Assault Vehicle people can disembark and still charge on the same turn! So load it up with 10 Terminators and you can move in and dive out straight in to combat. It can take a variety of weapons to make it either a troop or tank killer. So with AV 12-12-12 4HP it can stand up to a bit of dmg.

>>> Spartan Assault Tank

Basically a larger version of the Land Raider. It gains an extra HP and can hold 25 rather than the normal 10, it also doubles up the Lascannons by having Quad Linked ones (Heavy 2 Twin-Linked) on each side. All of this makes it so much better than the original for only around 50pts more. When Terminators are bulky so are counted as 2 models each for transport space this means that you can actually fit a good size squad in there to get them in to battle.

>>>Relic Predator

Once again same as the Imperial version. It has major advantages compared to normal ones by having the option of having heavy flamer sponsors plus the normal options of lascannons or heavy bolters. It can also swap the autocannon on top for more options than just the normal Twin-Linked Lascannons.

These options are:
- a 18” Large Blast version of a Melta.
- A Flamestorm Cannon (S6 AP3 flamer).
- Conversion Beamer is a bit of weird one with the strength and AP getting better the more range you have between you and your target. It is a that at close range is just S6 AP-, Mid range 18-48 S8 AP4 so still not great. At 48-72 it becomes a beast with S10 AP1. All of these are Large Blasts as well, but you can't move and fire this weapon.
- The last is a Plasma Destroyer, a Plasma Cannon with 3 shots a turn that doesn't have 'Gets Hot'.

Overall this is a ton better than the normal Pred and I don't really see a point in taking a normal one above it other than the lascannon sponsors cost 10pts more than the normal one.

>>> Contemptor Dreadnought

These are your classic versions of what Helbrutes are. They gain an extra WS and front armour and Attack. The also have a smoke launcher and searchlight, fleet and adamantium will. It starts with a powerfist and a TL-heavy bolter but can change the gun for multimelta, TL autocannon, plasma cannon, TL Lascannon or a secondary powerfist. The last 2 options are that it can trade it in for a conversion beamer the same as listed above for the relic predator. The other is a Butcher Cannon, what is a Hades Autocannon but doesn't have pinning.

What also makes this special is that it can replace that powerfist with a Chainfist, Multimelta, TL Autocannon, Plasma Cannon or another TL Lascannon, Butcher Cannon.

Any of the powerfists or Chainfists also have a gun attached what is either a combi-bolter as standard, but can be upgraded to melta, flamer, soulburner (not the same as the one for the Lord of Skulls) what is a 24” S4 AP4 small blast rending attack, or you have the plasma blaster what is a normal plasma stats but 18” and Assault 2.

We also have a nice rule of Hellfire Reactor. This has the nice bonuses of giving you a 4+ save vs Glances and 6+ vs Penetrating hits, Also any psyker in melee with him takes a S2 AP2 hit at I10, and when it goes BOOM you add +D3 to the range of the explosion.

It can also be marked up to get Rage / Rampage, IWND, Assault/Defence grenades OR can reroll 1s for the invuln save.

Now for the bad news. This thing costs almost double the cost of a Helbrute as standard, and if you arm it up with 2 good ranged weapons it will cost you a lot of pts and can still only shoot 1 target.

>>> Blight Drones

Costing half way between a Maulerfiend and a Forgefiend these little things are 12-11-10 2HP, but as flyer / hover what is also a daemon of nurgle so gains shrouded (yay for 2+ jink cover save!) this makes them tough to deal with and come in squads of 1-3.

They come with a rather naff S6 AP4 Flamer OR a 36” S8 AP3 Assault 1 Large Blast gun (basically a short ranged battlecannon without the ordinance rule).

In addition to this they also come with a reaper autocannon, though at only BS2 it doesn't hit often. But as a flyer it can be skyfire!

You can however only take them if you take Plague Marines in your army and class as fast attack.

These are soooo awesome just for the facts that they are flying 2+ cover save battlecannons what can also shoot down other flyers! Though they are about £40 a model.

>>> Blood Slaughterers

Costing about as much as a Maulerfiend these don't look very impressive to start with. They class as walkers though they kinda hover about. They are slightly better armoured than a Mauler/Helbrute with 13-12-10 3HP. Also they have Rampage, Fleet, Daemon of Khorne. Though they are hard to control as they MUST move as fast as possible towards the closest viable enemy every movement phase and get +D3 attacks on charge.

The other thing is gets is it can swap the dreadnought CC Weapon for an Impaler what always hits on a 4+ and at only 12” range isn't great, but S8 AP3 isn't bad. The special rule with it though is if it Pens a Vehicle or causes an unsaved wound against an MC it drags them 2D6” towards them. Making it so much easier for it or of course the rest of your army to charge it.

It is a Heavy Support, but can only be taken if you have Khorne Berserkers.

>>> Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Basically a Soulgrinder of Nurgle and costs the same. It doesn't get the autocannon, but does come with Vomit S5 AP3 Flamer with Poison 3+. A Rot Cannon what is a weak version of a battlecannon as only S6 but also has Rending. It also gets the Ironclaw and can upgrade to a warpsword the same as a grinder.

This can be taken as Heavy if you have Plague Marines.

>>> Giant Chaos Spawn

Costing more than 2.5 normal Spawns in pts this one is a MC, it is also higher in WS, S, T, W, A and comes with a 4+ save. It also has a weird mutation rule that can give it a S6 hit against all enemies in melee, -2I to all enemies in contact OR 2+ FNP!

So as a MC you are nicely AP2 for those random D6+2 Attacks (+2 more if you charged). Kinda nice for a creature costing you less than 100pts. The only prob is it comes in 1s and it will be a big target for shooting as it only mutates in melee, so no 2+ FNP until you get in combat.

>>> Decimator Daemon Engine

Decimators are basically the Daemonic versions of Dreadnaught / Helbrutes. The problem is at over 200 points they are a little expensive for what they can do. With Deepstrike ability you can land him where you want to and start the feast of souls.

Armour of 13-12-11 with 3HP gives them a good amount of resistance, especially when combined with the fact they are Daemons so have a nice 5++ save. Also with that extra armour on the back they aren't able to be killed from people running behind you with bolters after that deepstrike. On top of both of these you have unholy vigour which means that you can ignore immobilise and weapon destroyed on a 5+ and with Daemon resilience they ignore stunned and shaken on 2+.

Now even better than above when it dies (awwwwww) you leave it on its back on the table. Then at the start you your turn you roll a dice, on a 1 you died (awwww) on a 2-5 you stay where you are, on a 6 you stand back up with D3 HPs.

It can be marked in the same way as the Contemptor. The weapons it starts with are a pair of Siege Claws what is your basic Dreadnaught CC Weapon but with a Heavy Flamer built in. Now what makes these special is they also have Shred (reroll failed to wounds!) and if it attacks building or transport with people inside they take D6 heavy flamer hits per claw (2D6 toasty goodness!).

It can however swap these awesome weapons for the Butcher Cannon (same as Contemptor), Soulburner (24" S5 AP5 Ordinance, Large Blast, Rending attack) or a Great MEQ killer in the form of a Stormlaser (36" S6 AP3 Heavy D3+2).



This segment originally found here.

Rules for the 3 of these are all found in Imp Armour 2013 Apoc. But they are still almost identical to the ones found http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Download...Characters.pdf

>>> Necrosius

Take 1 Chaos Lord of Nurgle. Knock off 1WS, add Blight Grenades, Feel No Pain, LV2 Psyker (restricted to Nurgle's Rot and Gift of Contagion + Wasting Disease a 24” S3 AP2 Fleshbane WC1 spell. Most importantly he can take Plague Zombies like Typhus, BUT his have Furious Charge for free!. Though he does have a shitty Warlord Trait. This guy is good for making all those cultists get FNP, what as he can turn any in your army (rather than the normal any in detachment) he can make a Helcult in to a zombie Helcult, so when those zombies die giving the Helbrute they can FNP to stand back up again.

>>> Zhufor the Impaler

Again take 1 Chaos Lord of Khorne. Add 1WS, S, A, Terminator Armour, Eternal Warrior, Furious Charge & Adamantium Will. He starts with a powerfist with an Assault 3 Stormbolter built in. OR he can use an Chainaxe that gives +2A. He may also take a squad of Khorne Terminators as a bodyguard what counts as the same HQ choice as him. Though he can leave them as soon as he likes. He also comes with the Legendary Fighter Warlord trait that gives you 1VP for every character he kills while in challenges. He also costs slightly less than he does on the above link.
So major advantages are things like having S10 on his melee attacks with the fist and having Eternal Warrior. The Negative is not being able to have a Axe of Blind Fury.

>>> Arkos the Faithless

Take 1 Chaos Lord with T5 and A4. Give 1 Combi-Melta, Aura of Dark Glory and a melee weapon with +2S AP3 and Rending. Also any squad he is in gains Counter Attack. Also if he is your Warlord you can reroll your dice to see who gets to setup first and seize the initiative.


...here end the words of @mayegelt . +rep him generously and thank him for your more-complete tactica covering more aspects of Chaos Space Marines.

CSM Plog, Tactica

What sphinx of plascrete and adamantium bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? Imperator! Imperator!

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