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I see. Nobz are just walking thoug, and can be easily crippled by a well placed blast. Boyz too can be halted, being only 20. Bear in mind that now every morale of fear check can take away an average of 2 boyz from the unit. I say:
CSM part is ok,
ORK part:
Originally Posted by Jonny B View Post
War boss, lucky stick, attack squig, PK

30 boyz with 4+ armour, Nob with PK

Traktor Kannon with ammo runt

5 Deffkoptas with Rokit launchers
More koptas means more shots and survivability (they are basically shooty nobs that move faster)
More boyz means less morale tests to be made and even if taken less chance to be crippled when reaching cc

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