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Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
It's not necessarily the art itself I have a problem with, if that's what floats your boat sweet as... (not what I am into personally) it's the blantant double fucking standard that seems to exist. Put it this way, if your parents walked in on you, which do you think they would find less disturbing to see on the screen: Dripping gargantuan anime characters rubbing themselves with a speech bubble asking why they can't get through a door way or a topless page 3 girl?
Tell me about it, theres enough double standards on there to last me a lifetime. They have a strict pornography rule, which is understandable seeing as there are kids on there, any art showing pornography will be taken down etc etc....all well and good then in the next light there are guys and girls on there shwoing thier cocks and cunts off for the world to see. Errrr sorry DA Thats not pornography??? hello???? so fully understand what you are saying Jacobite. stick to the sites i know and i'm happy.
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