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Lorgar raised his arms, dripping with chaotic fires and the gifts of his fathers, the first son of Chaos could sense the victory was near. Behind him the howls of the traitor legions, no not the traitors, the true legions, sensing that after what had been a few centuries to them, but thousands of years for these morsals of meat, victory was coming thier way.

He began to chant in a low tone, his chaotic brilliance blinding the Imperial Guard that were charging at them. He turned his gaze on one Corporal Jacosta as she cut down the cult figures, the only one left of her company, the others killed and butchered.

The Black Templars she had been with, impailed and ripped open on the corrupt vehicles these scum drove and rode. She was going to die, she could feel it, she could sense it, but she was going to take some of these bastards with her.

She raised her head and Lorgars brilliance burnt through her skull, searing her eyes until blood ran from the boiling sockets, her ear drums exploded, a dark red liquid running from her ear lobes, just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, a word from the Prince of Chaos had her skin sloughing from her bones until her musculator was all that was left.

He smiled, enjoying the carnage he wrought and with a wave of his mighty crozius, he exploded her body, capturing her departed soul and swallowing it.

There would be no peace for Corporal Jacosta, just an eternity of screaming.
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