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deviantArt logic:

Good: objectively fairly average drawing of 2 obese anime characters with pregant bellies and enlarged tits with body fluids leaking everywhere. Comments galore saying "love it", "amazing work", "so hot" etc

Bad: photograph of a nude dancer in leg warmers hugging her knees and you can't see anything other than a bit of side boob. Comments galore saying it needs to be tagged as mature, that it's porn, not art etc.

Good: Badly drawn picture of two furies scissoring each other (again with the fluids, always with the fluids, why the fluids!). It's amazing and people want more.

Bad: Professional Photograph of a slim woman in a thong with her tits out staring into the camera (yes that are obviously fake.. your point?). SHE'S GOT FAKE TITS! SHE NEEDS A PIE! TOO SKINNY! PORN! BAN IT! DISGUSTING ATTENTION SEEKER! THIS ISN'T ART! KIDS CAN SEE THIS! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

Some people need a fucking smack. With a hammer. Does my head in.
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