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Originally Posted by Wookiepelt View Post
The new SW Codex is current being put together (as per my earlier "rumour" about the plastic Logan Grimnar and codex pics being done now)!
I noticed this and I have to point out that as far as GW is concerned if you are correct and the Codex is being put together now and not been sent to the printers as a data file it'll be up to another 6 months away from being released.

GW always send their Codex/Army books to the printers 6 months prior to printing, so that puts the khybosh on GW releasing Space Wolves this year.

Also prior to the changes to the old White Dwarfs, they had to be submitted 3 months prior to release.

To release Space Wolves Codex the printers would have had the data files no later than January this year.

That is the way GW have always done it and according to you with what you have said Space Wolves will be either a January/February 2015 release

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