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Default Assembling a highwayman

So for the role play I mentioned earlier... I've changed my mind...
I'll be a highway man...
But I don't know how to represent one
I was thinking pistolier with head change...
However.... I have a ~10 budget and a box of pistoliers is 17
So I was thinking build a highway man of bits from bitsandkits
Problem is... I've never built a pistolier and so don't know how they fit together, or what bits I'll need...

So do you have any alternative ideas? Or advice on how a pistolier fits together?

EDIT: I added up what I thought I need for the pistolier, with what looked like a right handed pistol, and a left handed one, it came to ~5.50 without P&P, which I a very reasonable price IMO
If you like I could spend an evening copy/pasting the links to the parts I was thinking of

Another problem with bitsandkits is that there NEVER seems the the parts you want in stock, so that's a problem :/

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