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Wrath of Khaine
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I would recommend adding a 5-man Dark Reaper squad. You don't have a lot of anti-heavily-armored troops, ala marines.
That'll put you at 1474. Then add 1 Dire Avenger to each squad(2 total). You should be at 1498 now.

And on an advice note, while your army will look pretty and varied, it lacks strength in certain departments, mainly loss-taking. I would drop the warp spiders and/or hawks to max out your dire avengers first, then add members to your fire dragons. Playing eldar for years, you are going to lose entire 5-man squads in 1 round of shooting. But if you don't change it, stick to cover like f'ing glue at all times, and use the falcon to drop your dragons into anti-armor attacks.

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