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Originally Posted by Da Joka View Post
I think you guys have made this super complicated... it's not as hard as you are making it.

Step one of making an Army is picking a Faction, aka Orks, Eldar, Tau, etc... This is your main faction. Your Primary Detachment must be from this Faction (Your Primary Detachment is the one with your Warlord). If you take a secondary Detachment it must be of this faction as well, BUT it can be from a different Supplement, aka Main force is Farsight, your second detachment can be normal Codex Tau.

If you want to take Allies, they can not be from your main Faction. They must be from a different one, like for the Tau above, Eldar. It would look something like this:

Primary Detachment: Farsight Enclave
Secondary Detachment: Tau Empire
Allied Detachment: Eldar

For Space Marines, the other chapters are considered the same as a Supplement. But say Imperial Knights are considered a different Faction. So it would look like this:

Primary Detachment: Iron Hands
Secondary Detachment: Black Templars
Allied Detachment: Imperial Knights

Or maybe this:

Primary Detachment: Iron Hands
Secondary Detachment: Iron Hands Clan Raukaan
Allied Detachment: Imperial Knights

Hope this makes sense to you guys.
It makes perfect sense, except for one thing: There's no such thing, RAW, as a secondary detachment. RAW, you get as many Combined Arms Detachments as you want... and you nominate the one with your warlord as your Primary. Period.

So that's the real question... and you've partially answered it. You can't use an Allied Detachment with the same faction, as far as we can tell.

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