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Thanks for the kind comments chaps

Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
well, fuck..that's amazing!!! total time used? (not counting drying time)
also, have some rep!!
Probably around 4-6 hours overall. It took about an hour to cut and attach the batons.

I did the foam whilst i was watching twitch, and all the paint, sand and & filler were done whilst kids were playing in the garden. Hard to keep track of time when you're needed on a regular basis to make drinks and watch 'awesome football tricks' as my son says.

Originally Posted by Moriouce View Post
Great job man! Love to see a finished board. Is it a hole through the board? Have you any plans for what you're gonna use it for? The mighty scarlac? Burn some plastic under the board to have a black plume rise from the battle?
Aye there's a hole through it. There's a hole in each of the 4 boards and i was looking for an interesting way to cover it up. I decided to leave the last one open.

I hadn't considered having smoke coming out of it, so thanks for the idea! I made some smoke markers a few weeks ago so i'll definitely be using it for that

(i'm also totally going to plan a game with a sarlacc pit too )

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