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Default My Recycled gaming board

I have a terrible habit of picking up everything and anything that i think will be useful for wargaming. If i see something in a shop that might be 'handy' i'll grab it just in case. If something is going in the bin that looks like it could be put to good use then it's coming home with me instead

After acquiring numerous recycled materials I decided I had enough to have a crack at a 4x4 game board.

Here's the parts list:

4 2x2 MDF boards that were headed for the skip
an interlocking foam hopscotch mat (it was my daughters and had started to look a little worse for wear from use)
2 1/2 tins of old paint - 1 black, 1 white
Some offcuts of foamboard leftover from scenery making
1/4 box of old polyfiller (spackle) found when tidying my shed

and these are the bits i bought:

3 lengths of dowel baton - 4.00 from B&Q
1 bag of budgie sand, 1 bag of budgie grit and a bottle of kids craft glue - 3.00 from local dept store

Making the board:

To start off i cut the batons into 4 4' lengths and 4 2' lengths. I pre-drilled holes all along the length of the boards and batons, then screwed them together to make two 4' x 2' boards.

The next step was to cut the foam & foamboard into shapes to make hills which transitioned to the height of the batons. I also used the foam to cover some damage on the MDF.

These are the boards with all the foam glued down:

It's a bit cheery for 40k, but we can soon fix that!

Next job was to use the old polyfiller to smoooth the gaps between the foam pieces and at the edges where it meets the baton.

Left to dry overnight and then it was time to get some texture down. I poured the entire bottle of PVA craft glue into a large mixing bowl. Added the sand, 1/3 of the grit and enough water to make a thick but flowing paste. I painted this allover the boards.

Still looks crap, but we're getting somewhere now. Next step was to mix the paint together to get a dark grey and coat the boards. This took a couple of goes to get good coverge, but only took about 40 mins overall.

Once that had dried i added more white to the mix and gave it a liberal drybrushing.

Finally I used a little brown, black and grey from my paint box to break up the surfaces and add a little more depth around the hills.

And there we are - ready for a game!

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