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Default Trick #8


They are dreaded and feared with the foes;
Their justice and authority originate from the Emperor.
Their unit are swifter than leopards
Keener evening messengers, fire messengers.
Their squad come galloping, Their warriors come from afar;
They fly like an eagle swooping down to devour.

A sound deep, shrill and prolonged spread throughout decks of the starship Xallestia.
A few seconds later the sound of the alarm, there was a jolt, and the starship came out from Immaterium.
The instrumentation indicated the location: a little distance from geostationary orbit by the planet Glavium.
The first officer did not comprehend the events personally began the analysis of instrumentation and telemetry to understand what happend.
«Call the Captain! Do come right in the dashboard! »
Pass more than five minutes and the Capiain still not arrived! The instrumentation was startled and alarms began to ring in conjunction with the light signals of danger.
Hatches 103 and 121 were found to open, the catapults of the bridge 18 in action! Someone was maneuvering instrumentation manually! Part of the cargo was ejected into the atmosphere of the below planet.
A servant.-droid reported to first officer:
« The captain was drugged and tied up! Part of the staff is not in place! There are also absent some passengers! »
The distress signal was launched automatically by starship.

From the bridge 18 the Third officer checked the landing coordinates of the material’s containers, this is done manually triggered the release and launch.

«Dirk have released the latches of the cell salvage? In three minutes we will have the defense system on! »
«Yes Sir! The shuttle is ready! »
«Well! We leave the ship, now! »
The shuttle was dropped from the mother-ship with a great escape velocity reached and entered the atmosphere.
Before entering in the atmosphere was still possible to look, for few istant, the deep darkness and the silence of space, but that vision ended broken by shaking or by alarms that forego the landing in a desert area a few miles from Ferrous Valley.
Before you reach the hideout under the peak rusty should have been reunited with two teams that had gone before.

Two squads alight on the water of the Groβe Lake, to waiting them were some huge aircraft where was switched the devices taken from Xallestia spaceship.

During transhipment operations, Burdam the renegade, who headed the squads alight on Groβe Lake, kept the situation under control and with a pair of binoculars and auspex, turning to the south, check the movements at the fort of the Astartes.

He saw a Thunderhawk take off, certainly invoked by standard alarm issued by Xallestia. Few minutes later he saw some land-speeder moving.

Addressing the crew nervously said:
« F *** Space Marine on os trail! Let's get moving or join us! »

His companion Hujim warned him of the arrival of the team from the north end of the lake. It would be reunited at provided coordinates and would again transhipped cargo on the land speeder.

« Warn them that we will be at the selected site », so saying he showed him the Auspex with the data.
« Yes, Saddan is informed! I'll meet us there! »

Five times after the two teams alight on the water, after passing through the water with powerful aircraft, and met as expected at the Whitish Plain.

Meanwhile a team of Astartes had reached the first of the rebels alight on water. Avoiding the mines, because they had taken care to sound out the place before approaching the remains of the spacecraft.
They was Space Marine Angels of Fire Chapter, led by a veteran sergeant who well knew how contrastre the clever tricks of the rebels of Chaos!

« Squad. Nove at the report! », said the sergeant Lx
«Remains of the spacecraft of no importance have shifted at north! »
« Warned the squad sergeant Ban of the dangers! We meet with them on the shore on the northern part in these coordinates. »
« News from the captain Curzius? »
« Are moving towards the Reddish Hills»

The renegade squad got off from Xallestia gathered in the area south of Whitish Plain. There were reunited with the third team that had the final stage, waiting for them there was Crimild Slaa'n.
«We reach the Rusty Peak! »
«A warband of Chaos Marines snipers has managed to attract the attention! Will allow us to get to your destination without a hitch! »
« Seem… they have shot and killed the captain! »
«Well! There is nothing that makes the Astartes angrier more than losing a commander-hero! »

Walking away Burdam watched with the long-viewer to follow the movements of the Astartes. A squad was stoopped because hired by the snipers, the two other squad moved by sides of the theater making a pincer movement.
«They are doomed ... but basically they are heroes ... they're just doing what they need to do: fight, always fight! », muttered through clenched teeth.
They passed a series of hills when there were some explosions in sequence, turned back they saw flames rise into the sky as if they were liquid ...
«Ah Ah Ah Ah! Pyrocalia!» said Crimild
« Pyro what?» asked Saddan
« The Fire’s might! But ... forget it, even if explain you don’t understand! »
He shook the head with a grin.

Reached and walked to the Ferrous Valley aboard of Land Speeder following a gravel path until they came under a tall and isolated peak rust color. Past it coming to a high and smooth limestone wall, suddenly found themselves at the entrance to a dungeon. Crept into the shadowy depths of the earth abandoning the Land Speeder follow with forklift a-grav with on arranged the devices taken from the starship.

They went into the bowels of the earth and transported the materials and devices up to two big hall-caves.

Hujim, Saddan, Crimild and Burdam discussed the developments of their work.
«This is not a cave, this is a tomb! I take what I deserve and I'm leaving now! Who comes with me follow me». ruled Burdam
«I agree here the work is finished! » confirmed Hujim.
« It 's true ... but I want to see how it turns out ... the risk is part of the company ... I stay! » Crimild said imperturbably.
Saddan joined the companions in the hallway.

So they asked to the person in charge of their duties: Arrius. He agreed to vacate those who want to leave. It was not necessary to ask for aid supplementary because those who stopped with Crimild was enough to bring the materials beyond the arch ...

So a part of the settled start the operation. A remaining part was moved by passing over a large arch, beyond which stretched a smoky dense cloud and iridescent.

Hujim, Saddan and Burdam through a narrow staircase carved in stone regained the open air. Not far waiting for some Land Speeder.
« Well now dovremp not to worry about this matter » said Burdam
« For a while at least…» laughed Saddan
There was a snap in the air and was followed by a powerful detonation accompanied by lightning bright and colorful.
Space Marines made their way under fire from snipers and sudden attacks melee of Warbands.
Arrive at the Rusty Peak that stands alone in the narrow Ferrous Valley; following traces invisible to the eyes, with Auspex and instinct hound Space Marines, they found the path made by the cultists.

«Brother Gur, you and your squad reach the west ridge and engaged for as long as possible to those F **** Space Marines! »
said the captain Arul gathering his warband.
Gur nodded and moved to the place appointed, well know it would not resist more than five times!
Was the same for the rest of the warband, which helped to indicate the entrance to the dungeon, rather than to dismiss the Angels of Fire.

The dungeon beneath the Rusty Peke was ancient and labyrinthine, it was not easy to find the right path leading to the rooms occupied by cultists.
Some wandering monsters of the Chaos tried to stop or slow the advance of the Angels of Fire getting poor results.

« Lord Arrius, I had confirmation of the fall of Captain Arul and his Warband. How do we proceed? »
Arrius turned slowly and looked around providing powerful protection of concealment over the input to the web-way
«Well, Capitain Dajaq, you are still in perfect working order ... given such a defense of the rooms and make sure that the Astartes reach the duct “iota” ... in that place should not have a chance! »
«I will be done my Lord! »

After some traps and some other enchantment of the Chaos Space Marines reached the large classrooms that contained equipment psychic useful carry in one individual the mind’s might, taken from other psykers…

Nobody ever reached the ear iota, collapsed in the explosion caused by a stray bullet detonating.
The captain Dajaq betrayed by Lord Arrius not give up! Although a Chaos Space Marines he was still an Astartes! So before falling under the blows of the enemy, made understand the escape route taken by Arrius and the squad of cultists survived.
Threw a grenade on the protection of the arc for the Web-way, and the cry:
«Death to His foes!», firing went out to meet his heroic destiny.

The way was open the web! The Angels of Fire walked the nebula, iridescent and iridescent road that led up to a abandoned, ghost craftworld ... Nuctmee-zenn.

They followed the trail of death left by Arrius Aper ... demihuman who had been removed from the ability and psychic.
Received with shock the psychics of high power, so great that it would annihilated also one of the alpha level psyker!

The Astartes armor with the red fire made clung circle to the sergeants Ban, Lx and Mauron. So they start do prey, start to say:

«I'am the fire!
I'am in the fire!
I'm like oxygen!
I'm in the flame!

Flame red of hot fire!
The light for the Emperor,
the heart of the heat
of the Empire!

I’m the flamethrower
I’m the Pyromancer…
I’m the flame-bringer… »

With the increase of mystical prayerthe psychic waves emitted by Arrius were stopped. Appeared a pink halo that with every word of the hymn darkened until become red, red fire!
It begat a wave bumper! A wave of pychic fire and real fire!
Arrius felt his strength, his knees bent to the ground.
« F **** Pyrocalia! Their phalanx modulates and assembles their intent in a flame ancestral, vivid and liquid and at the same time! As fine as fire burns, destroys what is indicated and protects those who love the flame the Pyrocalians ... »
«It 's again, time to go! » he said through gritted teeth and with eyes half closed.
Nuctmee-zenn returned in darkness and silence as well as had been left by the Eldar eons before, as well as the Angels of Fire returned to their usual occupations.
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