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Default Tourny with multible FOC

Here is my try for Eldar.

FOC the Vanguard!
HQ: autarch on bike with mandiblasters, laser Lance and fusion Gun.
Elite: 6 Wraithguard with scythes. Wave serpent with BL and shuricannon.
Troops: 10 DA. Wave serpent with BL and shuriCannon.
2 units of 3 bikes with shuriCannon.
Fast: 9 shining Spears with exarch, hit and run, star Lance.
3 units of 10 Warp spiders with exarchs.

Much mobility to outmanouver fliers, BL for early heavy armour and much high strength rear armour shots from the spiders. Could struggle against hordes but If I keep my distans I could stand a chance.

Good to be green

Barks Dakka Ladz: W3-D2-L3
Altansar Eldar: W3-D0-L2

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