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Default Tourny with multible FOC

So I have this idea for a tourny with multible FOCs to choose from. All participant would choose one mandatory HQ(your warlord) and two tropps just as before but then you would choose between The FOCs as followed.

The Horde: Elite +1slot, troops +4, fast +1, heavy +1
The Elite: Elite +4, troops +1, fast +1, heavy +1
The Vanguard: Elite +1, troops +1, fast +4, heavy +1
The Spearhead: Elite +1, troops +1, fast +1, Heavy +4

Edit) you may take one fortification in any FOC.

Now at 1850p, which FOC would you use and what would you bring?

Which race would suffering and which would be top tier?

Good to be green

Barks Dakka Ladz: W3-D2-L3
Altansar Eldar: W3-D0-L2

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