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Default 2k Ravenwing 7th ed

So just playing with some ideas for my Full Ravenwing list...

Hq: sammy sableclaw? or bike? leaning to landspeeder av14 should be good now.
5 x command squad Banner of DEV
1 x G\L

troops: 3 x bikes x3 meltas
6 bike x flamers
Landspeeder M/L (combat squad?)

6 bike x flamers
Landspeeder M/L (combat squad?)

Fast: 2 x Dark shroud
5 X Black knights
1x G\L

Formation: Stormwing:
2 x stormtalon skyhammer
1 x stormraven MM/Assult cannon(side sponsons?)

so what do you think? thinking dropping 1 dark shroud for side sponsons on the raven. Thoughts...havent had a chance to play a game of 7th yet as ive been to busy teaching other to play it..but id like to start with my ravenwing. comments?
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