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I kind of forgot this thread after ragequitting my Ogres, but thank you all for responding with such in depth replies!

I'm enjoying Fantasy much more as Warriors of Chaos. Having more than three units, and having different statlines and roles rather than having Ogres, armoured Ogres, Ogres with guns, and slightly stronger Ogres, I can bring a wider range of units and I'm really getting to grips with some of the tactics of Fantasy (the only one I can really say I'm good at so far is using 30pt units of Warhounds to block enemy charges, although I still need to perfect their facing so the enemy doesn't just overrun into my flanks). Magic is still powerful, but having seen the extent of it's luck dependancy and playing an army that relies on fewer buffs - Tzeentch Warriors (I roll Metal 90% of the time, and I do a little happy dance whenever I roll up Glittering Robe - 1+ armour on core infantry is insane!). Yeah, sometimes magic has won games, but rarely does it win the game directly (so far, it's happened three times out of my seven games - yeah, okay, that's not uncommon, but it was statistically incredible; how often does Final Transmutation kill a Level 4 Wizard General on the first turn? Three games in seven, in my experience!)

Thanks again for the replies, heretics.

Fantasy on!

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