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Forum name: Savage

Name: (First name only, last name at your discretion) Jack

Age: 17

Means of communication: Skype is theoptimist117. dont mind if people message me to discuss Warhammer as it has a wealth of lore to discuss
MSN, skype, AIM, etc.

Location: (Country, city, state, whatever.) The Eng-lands

Roleplay experience: (How long have you been roleplaying outside of bed) About a year of Pathfinder which is about 4 campaigns.

Theme preferences: (For example, Horror, action, etc…) I really don't mind, Horror is great, Action is great when it reachs the level of "warporn"

Memorable roleplay from the past: My rogue having his guts torn from his body as he was turned into a Undead Mummy (in complete opposite to his goddess who despises all undead) then a two week wait to see if I reached the Fort save.

Favorite roleplaying system: (For example D&D, Call of Cthulhu, etc…) Currently Pathfinder but i'd love to play Dark Heresy or Inquisitor soon.

Favorite gamesathfinder, Dawn of War, Hotline Miami, Fallout series, Mount and Blade Warband (with mods otherwise its just terrible, the Total War series up until Rome 2, Shadowrun Returns.

Favorite roleplaying moment: Launching a grenade launcher into future McDonalds during a Shadowrun tryout.

Favorite quote: "I survived because the fire inside burned brighter then the fire around me. I fell deep into that dark chasm, but the flame burned on and on"

What would you like to see happen/start up here in RPT’s?: Yes please, I'm very interested in joining a RP session.

Do you like the title of this thread? (Yes/No) If no, then what might be a better title?
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