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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
20 flights of stairs? I think being tired after that is normal. If you are trying to bulk up you need to be doing 2 things eating a lot of calories and working your body.

The basics are:
- low repetition+high impact= big muscles, strength, & less muscle density
- high repetition+ low impact= strength, definition, and high muscle density
I'm not trying to bulk up at all. I'm taking the dogs out and I live on the 5th floor (down 5 flights, let the dog go, up five flights, get the second dog, down five flights, let the dog go, up five flights)

Shitstorm of irritation the second (or third?)

I am just about the only person in my circle of friends, bar two, who is not in a relationship right now or doesn't give a shit about relationships. One girl who was planning on moving here to Toronto with the intent on dating me literally turned around and went out with someone else and now wants little to do with me besides going on about how happy she is in her relationship and how perfect he is and blahblahblah.

The girl I just asked out got out of a relationship and "isn't looking for anything right now". In no way am I mad at her, but I'm pissed off at my complete and utter lack of luck with this kind of thing. And everyone else NEVER SHUTS THE FUCK UP about how happy they are and how perfect they are together and blahblahblah.

On top of that, my sister got into the lowest possible level of High School courses because of her complete inability to give a shit and boy is she not taking it well. She spent all last night throwing shit around and generally being a complete bitch, and today she only calmed down a little bit.

My friend recently quit his job for the dumbest fucking reason possible. He was being called racial slurs by two brothers at his workplace, so he reported it, they got fired, and then apparently other people at his workplace were "bullying" him about it. Knowing him, they were just asking him about what happened, and he flat out quit. They were even going to transfer him to a different store! But nope, he quit wholesale.

My mum's boyfriend is still being a fucking dipshit, accusing my mum of going behind his back with a coworker (which is absolute bullshit, the coworker in question has a girlfriend and is a full 16 years younger than my mum). Besides, anyone who's known my mum for almost 18 years should know that she's not that kind of person. Not even remotely.

Paypal refuses to give me my bleeding money because of their "new seller" policy, which withholds money I make for 21 days unless I make $150, get paid 5 separate times, or wait 60 days after my first pay. I have 17 days to go to get my money, and guess what? Stuff's going on sale. For an affordable price. STUFF I WANT TO GET.

On top of all that, I just fucking stepped on something sharp and now my foot is bleeding and in some really annoying pain. GodDAMMIT.

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