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Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
What about the ones that completed the previous one? It ended in April, and I don't think anyone has received their medal of honor for doing so

I will definately be participating in this one too though - But I think it's time someone took up the mantle for those badges/medals. Not a single one has been given since September last year, and quite a lot of competitions has been completed since. Be it painting, conversion or story-writing.
I had not forgotten the awards for the last challenge. In fact awards in general will be looked at by the moderator team and dolled out in the not too distant future so a shiney medal will be winging its way to those who completed the challenge. I will be posting results up as well so keep an eye open.

Tawa is taking over the running of the challenge from me (at least the day to day running of it) so you should contact him for any queries. I will still be involved and think I will actually take part this month as I need to get a move on with my Eldar deamons.

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