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Originally Posted by psactionman View Post
This must be recent because my Digital Codex still says Any model may replace all weapons with TH/SS...that makes me mad...
The FAQ corrects it to replacing Storm Bolter and Power Fist.

Originally Posted by psactionman View Post
PFG doesn't work from a transport...the codex says it cannot, and there is nothing in the FAQ that changes that...
In the hard copy of the Codex, the Power Field Generator works from inside a transport. The FAQ says nothing about it, and therefore there are two different rules depending on which Codex you have. If you have the digital book, you can't use the PFG in a tank. If you've got a hard copy, go ahead.

Originally Posted by The Sturk View Post
Why do I feel that I'm the only one who feels that the new Psychic phase is over-hyped? I can understand it's potential, but in reality, there won't be much else different than before.
Psychic powers in general are better (not the Blessings so much as Maledictions and Witchfires, which were bad before so it's good that they've been improved), but Daemonology is really over-hyped, yes. Yeah, you can summon 90 Pink Horrors by turn 3 or whatever, but Orks can bring 180 Boyz and that's still a shit list despite Boyz being better than Horrors in every way.

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