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Default Trick #7

U follow me? (from: speeches of Borg the renegade)


You love righteousness and hate wickedness;

by anointing you with the oil of joy.
All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia;
from palaces adorned …
the music of the strings makes you glad.
Daughters of kings are among your honored women;
at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir.

All glorious is the princess within her chamber;
her gown is interwoven with gold.
In embroidered garments she is led to the king;
her virgin companions follow her
those brought to be with her.
Led in with joy and gladness,
they enter the palace of the king.

In a dimly lit nightclub had gathered a hundred people, among them a dozen to Janissaries Vessor.
They wore no uniform or any other element that distinguished the apparently, was to betray their physical appearance, the haircut and the tan of their faces.
Dheyron Cheldwath had heard of the meeting of vessors from a friend of a friend ... know the name of the rest was all easy!
The nightclub is located in a central area of the town and the club’s staff was mostly made up of women demi-humans, largely Mazones, they were delivering drinks and offered, upon request, sinuous, sensual and artistic performances.

He came in the company of Drag. Ghil and Ataer joined them about an hour later. The four form the Circle Hermada, united by the boyhood when they met at High Hill School.
They sat down and ordered a drink and shows no interest for the music or mistress, dancers exhibitionist-contortionists performances, but remaining attentive to the discourses of the Janissaries.
Awaiting for the right moment to catch a man suitable for their needs.

Darko attracted the attention of the onlookers turning to mate Savo.
«Eh Eh Eh Eh!!! We have accomplished a great feat of us! The-job-thing on the planet Camjno seemed simple: recover some fifty psykers from a compound before they were transferred to the Black Ship! »
«Reached the site after a long detour to avoid the radar of the Astartes landed some parallels at south of Ombos, then with some trucks in a few hours we reached the town.
A few miles from the city the situation worsened dramatically!
The sky changed color tone several times!
Before a light yellow that became increasingly dark and intense!
Then came the pink followed by a kaleidoscope of shades of scarlet red ... and then ... purple!
It became clear that there was a fight between spaceship in orbit!
Empire’s Spacecraft against other fo the Chaos!
Some parts of spaceships exploded out of the atmosphere, fell to pieces and annihilating the planet deflagrando as shimmering shooting stars or glittering like fireworks, great balls of fire!! »
«Damn! A bummer, I would say… a real fire’s rain! - said one of the Vessors ... »
Savo nodded, «And that was just the prologue! »
«Yeah! » continued Darko, «pyrotechnics prelude to the ground battle! »
«In fact, fell to the ground from the drop-pod and they went forth from the Astartes armor adorned with gray wolf fur. They began to shoot bursts in every direction with their Bolters for hit other warriors in armor gold and blue. »
«A true pit! » Said one of the Vessor.
«Indeed» Said Savo.
«We waited less than an hour hoping a change in the situation or at least a departure from our area of the battle. Unfortunately this did not happen!
We did not have all the time we wanted, the Astartes will bring soon the psykers on the Balck Ship, so we decided to act anyway!
We parked the truck near of the shed where the psykers was locked. During the operation a many grenades fell on the path, Some hit a truck making it deflagrate, we lost six Janissaries!
We made inroads by a security door, quickly reached the floor of detention. A few guardsmen were employed in the shed because of the attack in progress. It was therefore easy access to the cells and remove the psykers of the list ... It was not possible to take all fifty psykers because we had lost a truck, also due to the bombardment of the time available was very little left! Once out of the shed we stow the "load" and left very fast the place. A grenade hit a truck making it unusable! We must transship the psykers, done this, we run away! »

Ghil chose one of vessors, what seemed more drunk, then mentally weaker, and put in his mind a question: who you had "ordered" the parcel?? That asked the question aloud…
Darko turned his head slightly and whispered the answer: Fiume ...
The four of the Circle Hermada had heard and understood ... the organizer of the project was a shady character, a Slobod Fiume! Find answers on operation’s mandatory would have been very easy!

Meanwhile Savo ended the story by adding details on sudden attacks of Astartes, duels between marines gray and gold-blue… until they arrived at Thundehawk that brought him away to the fighting ...

The four of Hermada had sufficient information so discreetly left the nightclub.
Ataer knew how to trace Fiume although it was not easy at all! He threw a tasty bait and after a wait is not too long, was able to contact a co-worker of Fiume and after explaining the project, got a meeting with Slobod in person!
At 11:00 a.m at the capital of Pavonis, Brandon Gate! In a super-luxury hotel! The proposed amount was exorbitant and it would be foolish not to consider it!
Ataer came to light, studied, late to the meeting place. Presenting the welcome was made to ascend to the 25th floor. At the door of the room in question knocked in the manner agreed and responded in the manner prescribed. A woman in black livery military made him sit in a study-room.
While Ataer formalized the engagement details Drag and Ghil proceeded with a psionic-marking, but… the whole area is screened with an halo against psykers, also Ataer realize who that person with are dealing isn’t Fiume, but a symbiote!
Undaunted Ataer made the deal and before say goodbye before putting a bug on the symbiont.
The four get together and with an Auspex trace the symbiote, this leaves the building, through the city with a taxi being tossed into a luxury hotel.
In that place in lobby meets Fiume which transmits the information of the deal. At that juncture the four proceed to the marking: silent, painless, invisible, odorless ...
The consequence of that mark would allow you to always know where Fiume stood and went! Now he was trapped!

Fiume after the meeting with the symbiont retires to his room during the day and hardly moves. After dinner, served in his room, the four of the Circle Hermada come into action.
As in a dream they enter the mind of Fiume.

«Ombos, Camjno planet ... who called you? »
Fiume initially tried to offer some resistance, but the psychic strength of Hermada Circle was great!
«He was one of Aper’s minion to contact me on Luxor. »
«Arrius? Arrius who? »
«The prefect Arrius Aper! »
«What was his request? »
«Send Janissaries to recover fifty psykers ... and meanwhile recover an important device at the temple of His Holiness ...
Then was put in the middle the Space Wolves against the Thousand Sons ... they did not know that the “Catalyst” had been removed days before! Eventually, however, the confusion has been favorable to our task! »
«The purpose of all this? Fiume while in a state of consciousness , tried however to resist ... but it was not possible! »
«I have not been ... well-informed ... »
«Just tell us what you know! Will be enough! »
«He building a tool ... accumulates psychic powers and with a catalyst allows to concentrate on a only man ... I think it's something like the Golden Throne…»
«The Throne!? ... My Goddess! »
«Where is Arrius? »
«He hides in the Valley of the Queens ... in the place where the ladies are chosen and created for rule the worlds! »
Broke the connection and canceled the mark of interrogation. The mission comes the most difficult part.

What do you know about
the Valley of the Queens?
Is the place where they are selected
and generated for rule the worlds!

They had come to a turning point. They could not continue the commitment to themself! They decided to inform the Inquisitive lady Malestrom, she would have picked troops and materials to continue the mission.
So make the mystic circle: with arms outstretched outside, leaning his hands on the shoulder near.
The four minds opened the Immaterium, a celestial sound became the soundtrack around, they see lights more or less shining all around… then a column as far shiny silver and video Astronomican! But only for a moment. They better focused identified the mind of Lady Malestrom.
They transmitted to her the information about their quest abut Arrius, and convey the need for an action on the planet Camjno at the Valley of the Queens!
Closed the link, the four stay for a few second to contemplate the might of the Immaterium, the thousands of multicolored sparks, absorbed in ecstatic contemplation that mystical energy ...

The four slightly preceded the contingent of Lady Malestorm.
Were thus able to scout the area with adequate caution of the Valley of the Queens.
They noted a normal move around almost all the mausoleums. The only one that result, strangely ignored, though it is one of the largest and articulated, was that of princess Henutmire.
They observed the presence of three possible entrances: one to the south, one to the south-east and a third north-west. The latter was manned by people dressed in withe and armed with bolters.
They Understood that the man was not the real keeper! The entrance was protected by a series of glyphs!
During the scouting discovered a fourth way, even well-hidden by a blanket psychic. That door would allow him to reach the second room, avoiding the glyphs of the other inputs.
They hired enough information to await the arrival of Lady Malestorm.

Do not pass long after their recognition that Lady Malestorm arrived in theater accompanied by three companies of the Sisters of Battle of the Order of the Argent Shroud.
Come inside of mausoleum through a large shaft with climbing stairs.

Leading the way was the company of captain Sylvenia that at the end of the duct defused a trap. Shortly after are achieved by the captain Amina.
A gritty and angry roar drew the Amazons: demi-demonic beings the size of a bull, it looks like a triceratops, with a leathery skin iridescent they chargethem with head down.
In order accuracy and arranged themselves and beat the wandering monsters, although they had to suffer some losses the result was excellent.

Gathered in a huge hall with six columns moved toward the north, just before exit-way Lady Malestorm did stop all for defuse two glyphs guardians. Outside a corridor down in south-nord direction, but they do not traversed it, with the help of an auspex found a hidden door which through a well bore to a yet another hypogeum corridor.
The new environment they found was evidently very recent, perfectly enlightened with walls in steel-cement fireproof and anti-expolsion. Arrived at a turning point a east-west corridor leading to two large hall, from these came out as shadows a strident dozen of chaos-hounds. With care and attention annihilated even those targets, limiting losses.

The group was divided, one part going to release the imprisoned Psykers in the two rooms that were patrolled by chaos-hounds. Milady the Circle Hermada and the company of Captain Gwenda went down again to a level: the laboratory of Arrius Aper!

In a huge semicircular room were arranged units of stasis, from one side of the room Arrius welcomed intruders with a series lethal flashes.
Some sisters sacrificed themselves to save the team. Milady first saw Arrius tinkering with two panels similar to the d-pad.
They were going to respond to the attack of Arrius when there was a mystical intervention. Surrounded by a blue-violet halo appeared Princess Henutmire.
« I am outraged by the continued desecration of my mansion! Arrius have abused my patience! »

psychic shock spread through the lobby. Arrius after cursed everything and everyone teleported
«I'll never» was the ulitmate sentence before disappearing.
On the floor was an orange tablet: the catalytic converter stolen from temple of His Holiness.

Were released twenty psykers that were entrusted to the Schola Progenium, also some interesting devices were confiscated by Milady for a thorough analysis.
« We found Arrius, but not stopped ... maybe he take time to rebuild his devices and then we will deal with again! »
Were the words of Milady at the “Circle” before taking his leave.
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